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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jelly Candy

I like this version of chewy dried jelly and not too sweet. The part I like most that it has very smooth surface instead of floated sugar. It is not actually difficult to make. It was dried after only 3 days as the weather was hot when I made it. The recipe is from Zue Murphy but I made mine thinner & cut into shapes using cookie cutters.

50g Agar-Agar/Jelly strips
400g Rock Sugar
1 cup Sugar
8 cups Water
Color (I added emulco for flavour)

1. Boil jelly strips with water until melted.
Add in both types of sugar until melted.

2. Pour into shallow tins & add color & emulco.
I used green + Pandan, Red + Strawberry, Orange + Orange flavour, Purple + Yam.
When jelly has hardenend, cut with cookie cutters.
Arrange on a tray & sun dry. Flip few times to ensure evenly dried on both sides.


  1. Creativenya you. I should learn from you. Your candied jelly looks cute.

  2. You are so humble. It is your recipe after all. Thanks for sharing. It is a marvelous recipe.

  3. Roz,
    I tried ur recipe and made them into hearts for a Valentine post.

    Wonderful. Thanks.

  4. roz,
    im interested in ur agar2 kering. would u mind to call me at 0379609299,


  5. Hi ur jelly do look good. By any chance do you sell them for the coming festive season? Pls let me know. U can email me at



  6. Hi Aishah,
    Would love to help but I'm such a busy person because I spend about 10 hours a day in office and only have night time & weekends. I don't dare to make for business as I'm worried that the quality may not be as good when I rush sorry!

  7. Salam. Sy mencari2 resepi agar2 kering. tp resepi ni yg paling kurang gulanya. Sy nk buat utk hari raya. harapnya walau kurang gula. resepi ni ttp menjadi.


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