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Monday, August 11, 2008

Chilli Oil

This tasty chilli oil can compliment any dishes, noodle soup, Sayur Lodeh, mee rebus or anything you like. You can also buy the ready made sold in supermarket. I have abundance of chillies and after making chilli sauce earlier I still have some leftover chillies. So I give a try on this and cook the Chilli Oil until dry and crispy. Emmmm... taste good, this one is better than the one I made using dry chillies!

For information this Chilli Oil can keep indefinitely but I don't have to worry about this as we consume a lot of this in my house.

1 bowl of Fresh Chillies - blend
1 bowl of Oil

1. Heat up oil in a pot (preferably non-stick pot).
Fry blended chilli and continuously stirring until it dries and crispy.
Tip: The heat from oil will continuously cook the chilli after fire is off, so make sure you stop the cooking process earlier.
Cool and drain out excess oil. Some people like to store it together with the oil which helps to prolong the life of the chilli oil.

2. Sterile a jar with boiling water & cool it until dry.
Keep cool chilli oil in the jar and screw lid tightly.


  1. okay got simple...but 1Q: is it dried chillies or fresh one? TQ :)

  2. Maz,
    If you like you can add some salt & sugar for flavour. The one above was without it but does not matter becoz it is to spice up food which supposedly already flavoured...

  3. Maz,
    Updated the recipe to answer your question. See here the type of chilies that I used.


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