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Friday, October 31, 2014

Kek Lapis Pandan Prune & Coklat (Pandan Prune & Chocolate Layered Cake)

 Beautiful green Pandan layered cake which I modified with added prunes and chocolates... awesome!

By: Roz@HomeKreation
Source: DayangJack
Modified slightly with added prunes and chocolate
English translation by HomeKreation
Yileds: 8" x 8"
10 Eggs - gred A
450g Butter
200g Flour
100g Horlicks
160g Caster Sugar

1 small bottle Pandan Paste
1 tbsp Ovallette
34g Condensed Milk

1 small tin Serikaya
100g Coconut Milk powder
1 tsp Vanilla Essence

1 pack Seedless Prune  - chopped
1 pack Chocolate Chip

1. Beat eggs, sugar &  ovalette until doubled in volume using high speed.
2. In a separate bowl, beat butter & condensed milk until fluffy.
Add in coconut milk powder & mix well.
3. Mix both mixture well.
Add in serikaya, pandan paste, horlicks and mix well.
Add in flour & EV, mix well.
4. Line & grease tin.
Spread 6 tbsp of batter into the tin & grill until golden color on the surface.
Repeat the process until all batter is used up.
Finally bake 10 minutes usung top & bottom heat.
5. Cool cake before slicing.

Puas hati buat kek ni sebab menepati citarasa sendiri... Along inginkan kek lapis yang harum pandan, lembab dan lemak... Resipi asal DayangJack ni memang baik punya.... Along tambahkan pula dgn prune dan coklat.... memang the best! Separuh Along kasi kat kawan yg datang dari jauh.... suku di hidangkan pada kawan2.... suku lagi untuk UsuRaz bawa balik kolej.

By: AlongRoz@HomeKreation
Source: DayangJack
Kek asal Kek Evergreen, Along tambah prune & coklat
Resipi di taip semula utk medah rujuk sendiri
Hasil: 8" x 8"
10 biji Telur gred A
450g Mentega
200g Tepung Gandum
100g Horlicks
160g Gula Halus

1 botol kecil Pandan Paste
1 sb Ovallette
34g Susu Pekat

1 tin kecil Serikaya
100g Serbuk Santan
1 sk Esen Vanilla

1 bungkus Prune tanpa biji - potong kecil 
1 bungkus Coklat Cip

1. Pukul telur, gula dan ovalette sehingga kembang (high speed).
2. Dalam bekas yang berasingan, pukul mentega bersama susu pekat sehingga putih.
Masukkan serbuk santan dan putar lagi hingga sebati.
3. Satukan adunan telur dan mentega sehingga sebati.
Masukkan serikaya, pes pandan, horlicks dan gaul sebati.
Masukkan tepung dan esen vanilla, kacau sehingga sebati.
4. Sediakan loyang yang dilapik & disapu dengan mentega.

Ratakan 6 sudu makan adunan ke dalam tin.
Bakar sehingga bertukar warna keperangan dgn menggunakan api atas.

Ulangi proses sehingga habis.
Akhir sekali bakar dgn api & bawah selama 10 minit.
5. Sejukkan kek terlebih dahulu sebelum dipotong.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Lepat Pisang (Steamed Banana Rolls)

 A healthy Malay traditional kuih, delicious for breakfast or with tea anytime! Coincidentally, I had some leftover banana leaves after making Tapai.... and also some ripe bananas sitting in the basket smiling at me... so immediately this kuih crossed my mind. It is so easy to make that I can afford making it while doing multiple other tasks... watching The Voice on Astro tv.... cooking Chili Oil (which took few hours).... chatting with a couple of friends.... and making this kuih!

 There is no need for an accurate recipes but I written down some measurement as a guide:

By: Roz@HomeKreation
5-6 medium size Bananas - mashed
5-6 tbsp Flour
2 tbsp Sugar (optional) 
1/2 cup Grated Fresh Coconut*
1 tbsp Sugar*
A pinch Salt* (* mix)
Banana Leaves - cut to square & soften on open fire 

1. Mix well mashed bananas, flour & sugar.
2. Spread a tbsp of mixture on a piece of banana leaf.
Spread on coconut mixture on top of it as shown in photo below.
3. Fold the banana leaf and roll into a cylinder shape and fold both ends at the bottom as shown below.
4. Steam for 30 minutes.

Wrapping method

Enjoying my breakfast in the office....
Dah lama tak makan kuih lepat ni.... kuih lama2 camni sedap dan tak risau pasal kolestrol. Kebetulan ada lebihan daun pisang malam tu... ada pulak pisang yg dok terpongeh takda org nak makan... elok gak di buat lepat dapat bawa bekal utk sarapan ke pejabat esuk hari nya.

Resepi orang dulu2 camni tak payah nak resepi sukat teruk2... agak2 jer pun jadi sedap.... kat bawah ni Along kasi sukatan buat panduan.

By: AlongRoz@HomeKreation
5-6 Pisang - di lecek
5-6 sb Tepung Gandum
2 sb Gula (boleh skip jika pisang manis) 
1/2 cwn kelapa Parut*
1 sb Gula*
Secubit Garam* (* gaul)
Daun Pisang - potong 4 persegi & di layur sebentar atas api 

1. Campur sebati pisang lecek, tepung & gula.
2. Ratakan sesudu ke atas sekeping daun pisang .
Ratakan pula di atas nya sesudu campuran kelapa parut* spt foto di atas.
3. Lipat dua daun pisang, gulung & lipat kedua2 hujung ke bawah spt foto di atas.
4. Kukus selama 30 minit sehingga masak.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Cream Cheese Rolls

These cookies look like Pineapple Rolls but is not..... it has no filling and made of cream cheese... cheesy and melt in the mouth.... The recipe is taught by the famous Chef Rashid from Kuching so very popular in Sarawak. Sharing here to show the special cookies in Sarawak but I hope you understand why I'm unable to share the recipe.... I have no licence to do so.... you got to attend his class and if I freely share here then no one will attend his class anymore.... right?

The cookies are very tiny.... Love to see them dancing on the red carpet.....

Along nak tunjuk satu lagi biskut yang popular di Sarawak ni.... Kalau kat Sarawak, ianya selalu di jual di musim perayaan. Nampak macam Tart Nenas tapi tak sama langsung sebab rasa nya lemak2 cheese, gebu cair di mulut dan takda inti. Sedap sangat dan mengasyikkan.... Maaf ya, Along tunjuk jer tapi tak dapat nak kongsikan resepi nya sebab biskut ni di ajar oleh Chef Rashid yang terkenal dari Kuching. Beliau banyak menganjurkan kelas2 baking. Kalau Along kongsikan di sini nanti tentulah mengganggu sambutan kelas beliau. Along pun takda kebenaran untuk kongsikan dgn public.... harap anda pun faham kan.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Women's Lunch Gathering

 Today we had small gathering for lunch with sisMarina who came from KL.... I didn't prepare a long menu but alhamdulillah we were loaded with food from pot lucks... It was so nice to catch up and we chit-chatting until the evening. I tried all the kuih an love them all.... gotta skipped my dinner because I was so full.... alhamdulillah & TQ all the lovely ladies!

Let's go & see the menu......
The main table

Dessert table loaded with local delicacies...!

1. Mee Bakso Tulang
- the main dish for lunch.... beef bones were slowly cooked overnight to ensure naturally delicious soup.

2. Mix fruits (Guavas, Starfruits, Green/Red Apples) served with Homemade Petis & Ground Peanuts

3. Sticky Date Cake with Butterscotch Sauce

4. Prune & Chocolate Pandan Layered Cake

5. Tapai Pulut (Sweet Feremented Glutinous Rice)

6. Assorted Cookies
- From left clockwise.... Biskut Batang Buruk, Oat Cookies, Cheese Rolls

7. Serabei (potluck from CikTie)
- Sarawak traditional pancake filled with Egg Jam

8. Getas (potluck from AiBee)
- I love this kuih sooo much!
9. Onde-Onde with Red Bean filling (potluck from sis MaSaly)
- my hubby's favourite

10. Mini Quiche (potluck from sis MaSaly)

11. Cucur Semuan (pot luck from AiBee)

12. Pudding (potluck from Saloma
- Liana had 2 small bowls of this - she loves the colorful jelly

13. Beef BBQ Pau
14. Cakoi
- both potluck were from sis Hanifah- love the pau filling!

15. Honeydue & Sago Dessert (potluck from sis Hanifah)
- cooling!

16. Fruit Custard in Creampuff Basket (potluck from sis Bebiyana)
- pretty & elegant!

17. Kuih Talam Durian Pulut Hitam
18. Serimuka
- both from sis Bebiyana - the Durian talam was a hit
19. Drink
- Fresh Mango & Lime Juice 
- Hot Tea

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Potato Fritters (Cucur Kentang)

 This has become viral for quite some time amongst the facebookers and bloggers... I only have the opportunity to try out recently. Nice and crispy while they are still hot, dipped in chili sauce.

I did mine with mixture of colorful vegetables for more attractive look....

By: Roz@HomeKreation
Original Source: Ummi@HomeSweetHome
You can google to see other bloggers' attempts
Recipe below has been slightly adjusted
Hidangan: 3 orang
3 Potatoes*
1 Carrot* (* shredded)
4 tbsp Cornflour
5 tbsp Flour
1 Egg - beaten slightly 
Some Chives
1 Red Chili - sliced1 Big Onion - sliced 
Salt, Black Pepper

1. Mix all ingredients.
2. Heat up oil for deep fry.
Spoon mixture into the hot oil & flip accosionally until crispy.
3. Serve hot with chili sauce.

The raw shredded vegetables before get mixed into batter

Fritters ni meletup-letup di sana sini ramai yang dah mencuba di facebook dan blog2 musim ni.... Along jer yang asyik tertangguh-tangguh sebab sekarang ni tak boleh nak rajin sangat sebab tukang makan cuma Along & hubby jer kat rumah ni.... so kena tunggu waktu yang sesuai supaya tak membazir. Bahan2 nya tak susah, kebiasaan nya kentang dan karot memang senantiasa ada. Along pomen sikit ikut selera dan tambah kucai supaya aneka warna sayuran - putih, oren, hijau, merah.... baru nampak ceria dan selera....hehe. Makan panas2 memang sedap semasa masih rangup.... bila sejuk pun sedap tapi kurang ler rangup nya.

Merata2 orang dah cuba tapi tak berapa pasti tuan asal resepi sebab tak di nyatakan dgn terang.... Along pun Google dan tengok2 rupa2 nya resepi ni di kongsikan oleh Ummi @HomeSweetHome pada tahun 2010 cuma sudah di ubahsuai sedikit sebanyak..... patut lah sedap... kalau Ummi punya resepi memang pasti sedap! Along tak pasti, siapa yg mula2 promote semula resepi ni.... terima-kasih juga pada nya sebab kalau dia tak promote mungkin tak lah meletup2 semula resepi ni.... cuma sayang nya takda credit pun buat Ummi.

By: AlongRoz@HomeKreation
Original Source: Ummi@HomeSweetHome
Resepi olahan semula oleh HomeKreation & juga inspirasi dari kawan2 yg sudah mencuba
Boleh google untuk melihat hasil dari kawan2 blog
Hidangan: 3 orang
3 biji Kentang*
1 btg Karot* (* sagat kasar spt foto)
4 sb Tepung Jagung
5 sb Tepung Gandum
1 bj Telur - pukul sedikit dgn garfu
Sedikit Daun Kucai
1 bj Cili Merah - hiris
1 bj Bwg Besar - hiris
Garam, Lada Hitam serbuk

1. Gaul kesemua bahan2 sehingga rata.
2. Panaskan minyak yang agak banyak seperti menggoreng cucur.
Sudukan adunan ke dlm minyak & balik2an sehingga garing.
3. Toskan minyak & hidangkan panas2 dgn sos cili.