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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Blue Ombre Frozen Cake for Liana's 6th Birthday (Kek Mentega Ombre Biru)

 Since Liana's birthday fell on Suday this year, I decided to make her birthday cake myself.... with her chosen theme Frozen cake. The fun part of making the birthday cake myself was a chance for Liana to joint the whole process and that made her felt so special as part of the beautiful outcome (as she claimed it... but of course it was far inferior than the shop-made quality especially I never attended any cake decoration class before).

It was made in such a rush after returning from business trip and only had a day to shop for the ingredients. I had no clear idea how to decorate it but once it started the idea just spurted out. I preferred butter cake over sponge cake which is richer in taste and to match the theme, I made it into Blue Ombre Cake. As for the icing, I used White Chocolate Butter Cream which I just did by trial and error but turned out tasty! I used fresh cream to sandwich the cake layers and piped some on the edge of the cake for white touch and snowy look... To add some sparks, I sprinkled some diamond powder and blue crystals and that made it a bit more 'professional'.... hahaaa... Overall I felt happy with it! My very own made cake is my way to show my special love to my little princess...

By: Roz@HomeKreation
Yields: 3 x 9" round tin
227g Unsalted Butter
2 cups Sugar
4 large Eggs
2¾ cups Superfine Flour*
3 tsp Baking Powder* (* sift together)
1 cup Milk**
1 tsp Vanilla** (** mix together)
1 cup Fresh Cream - whisk until soft peak

1. Cream butter and sugar until smooth.
Add in egg one by one, mix well before each addition.
Add in flour mixture* alternating with milk mixture** until well mixed.
2. Divide batter into three equal parts.
Color one portion with royal blue, another portion with light blue and leave the other plain.
3. Bake each portion for 20 minutes or until cooked.
Cool on wire rack before start decorating.
4. Sandwich the three layers with whisked fresh cream.
Cover all around the cake with thin layers of fresh cream.
Chill for an hour or overnight.
5. Cover the whole cake with White Chocolate Butter Cream and decorate as you wish.

(Actually I spread a thin layer of blue white chocolate on the cake top before the printer topper to protect it from moist so that it doesn't smudge but I think is not necessary & will skip this step next round).
I used 8.5" circle of readily printed topper and cup cake toppers for the side of the cake.
Pipe some fresh cream alternating with butter cream for some snowy look.
Sprinkle some diamond powder and blue crystals for sparkling effect.

100g Butter
100g Veg Shortening
150g Icing Sugar
100g White Chocolate - melt
- Beat butter, veg shortening and icing sugar until smooth.
- Fold in melted chocolate.
- Color as you wish.
- Use immediately.

Tahun ni berkobar2 nak buat sendiri kek birthday Liana sbb birthday dia jatuh hari minggu. Liana pon sama2 berkobar nak tolong dan excited sangat dapat buat sama2 dgn mama dia. Setiap step dia dah terjerit2 gembira.... dari mula mewarnakan kek, terhidu harum aroma kek butter dari oven, melapis kek, menyalut butter cream sehingga lah langkah terakhir menghias kek kedengaran suara riang Liana melihat hasil yg dia sama2 buat dgn mama.... inilah kepuasan yg tidak ternilai apabila kek yg di buat sendiri walaupun tak secantik spt yg di beli dari kedai. Semuga ruangan ini akan kekal sebagai kenangan Liana apabila dia dewasa nanti.

Along pilih kek butter sebab rasa nya lebih sedap dari kek sponge. Liana pilih thema Frozen, jadi Along warnakan kek nya biru supaya lebih ceria. Untuk aising nya, Along rekakan resepi White Ccocolate Butter Cream yg sedap sbb rasa coklat buatkan ia tak muak.

By: AlongRoz@HomeKreation
Hasil: 3 x 9" tin bulat
227g Mentega tanpa garam
2 cwn Gula
4 bj telur gred A
2¾ cwn Tepung Superfine*
3 st Baking Powder* (* ayak sekali)
1 cwn Susu**
1 st Vanilla** (** campur)
1 cwn Fresh Cream - pukul sehingga kental
1. Pukul mentega & gula sehingga kembang.
Masukkan telur satu persatu sambil di pukul sebati setiap satu.
Masukkan campuran tepung* berselang-seli dgn campuran susu** sehingga habis.
2. Bahagikan adunan kpd 3 bahagian.
Warnakan satu bahagian biru terang, biru muda dan kosong.
3. Bakar setiap satu selama 20 min atau sehingga masak.
Sejukkan sebelum di hias.
4. Lapiskan setiap kek dgn fresh cream.
Sapu keliling kek dgn fresh cream dgn lapisan nipis.
Sejukkan selama sejam atau semalaman.
5. Sapu White Chocolate Butter Cream keliling kek dan hiasi mengikut cara anda.
(Along letak coklat putih yg di cairkan & warnakan biru di atas kek sebelum letak printed topper supaya topper tu tak mengembang tapi step ni tak pelu dan boleh skip next time).

Along guna topper saiz 8.5" bulat dan cupcake topper di keliling nya.
Paip sedikit fresh cream untuk thema salji.
Taburkan serbuk belian dan crystal biru untuk menambah seri.

100g Butter
100g Veg Shortening
150g Gula Aising
100g Coklat Putih - cairkan
- Pukul butter, veg shortening & gula aising sehingga rata.
- Masukkan coklat putih dan gaul sebati.
- Warnakan mengikut pilihan anda.
- Gunakan segera.

Sandwich the 3 layers with fresh cream

Cover the whole cake with thin spread of fresh cream before butter cream

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Liana's 6th Birthday Party & the Menu

 Liana celebrated her 6th birthday in KL for the first time and was joined by her cousins and relatives. When we were in Miri, we used to celebrate her birthdays quietly amongst few of us at home besides with her friends in school. She had lots of funs with her cousins, nieces & nephews especially playing in the pool & jacuzzi. Most of all, she enjoyed shopping for her own birthday present and this year mommy was generous enough to allow her pick any 3 things from Parkson toy department. In addition, she had another two surprise gifts from mommy and another one from her brothers....! Sounds a bit spoilt but I guess is ok.... hehe.

 Birthday party is not complete without a cake.... so here a simple Frozen Birthday Cake, humbly made by Liana very own mommy... It is Blue ombre butter cake with White Chocolate Butter Frosting.... will show more in next entry.... stay tuned.

 All kids had fun on the day, not just the birthday girl....

Herewith the simple menu for the day:

i.) Chocolate Cupcakes

ii. Cheesekut

iii. Takeaway Pizzas

iv. Garlic Bread
- Homemade garlic butter with fresh Oregano from my garden pot.

v. Homemade Delicious Mushroom & Chicken Soup
 vi. Shepperd Pie

vii. Takeaway Satay

viii. Marble Cheesecakes (courtesy of Acik)

 ix. Creamy Young Mangoes with Rojak Paste (courtesy of Acik)

x. Assorted Dadih (courtesy of Acik)

xi. Fruit Cocktail (courtesy of MakNgah)
- sorry forgotten to snap.....

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Apam Coklat (Steamed Chocolate Cups)

 Cute but fabulous, suitable as gifts - surely will impress the receivers. Something simple in look but surely not disappointing although it is just a simple plain looking kuih - nice to enjoy at anytime of the day. First round made it to bring for friend in Putra Jaya and second round for Liana's school on Teacher's Day celebration.

It is super soft and tastes nice, just the way I like it. Most of all, it is so easy to make, just dump all ingredients and stir one go. All preparation and cooking can be ready in less than one hour.

Kalau anda nakkan apam yg lembut gebu dan tentu nya sedap, cuba lah resepi ni! Mudah sangat nak buat nya dan gerenti boleh jadi. Emak kawan Along terus jer minta resepi bila Along bawakan ke rumah nya minggu lepas. Liana pun suka kuih ni. Kalori nya pon rendah, sesuai untuk sarapan atau minum2 petang.
Naik kembang senget2 lak....

Liana's pot luck to school
Along google jumpa resepi ni dari Mas. Empunya resepi nya Alma kat MR tu dah padam so takda link lagi dah. Terima-kasih kpd kedua2 nya ya.

By: AlongRoz@HomeKreation
Source: Mas@Duniaku, original by MyR_Alma
Resipi di taip semula utk mudah rujuk sendiri
Bilangan: ~20 bj
1 cwn Tepung Gandum
1/2 cwn Gula
1/2 cwn Susu Pekat
1/2 cwn Minyak
1/2 cwn Air
1 bj Telur
1/2 st Soda Bic
2 sb Serbuk Koko

1. Panaskan pengukus yang berisi air hingga mendidih.
2. Campurkan kesemua bahan2 di dalam mangkuk dengan senduk/whisker.
3. Tuangkan ke dalam acuan lompang dan kukus hingga masak lebih kurang 10 - 15 minit.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Pai Linut Kastad (Custard Linut Pie)

 This is local Sarawak traditional pie but hardly found in the market nowadays. Even many Sarawakians of current generation not aware of its existence unless you are lucky then you might have local friend who share a piece with you.

I get to know this delicacy way back in early 90s when Lutong was not yet developed, lack of halal restaurant  and therefore our daily breakfast supply was from a trader van. In the late 90s when a new office building was completed with cafeteria, the trader van was not permitted to sell in the office compound anymore and ever since I never had this pie anymore. I've been looking for the recipe high and low to no success until my BFF sis Hanifah shared it in her FB recently. I'm so blessed to be able to fulfill my craves after such a long time....

The filling of the pie is made of custard pudding, prepared in traditional method like making gums. It is lightly sweetened and perfectly matched with crispy pastry. Fabulous as breakfast or any tea time snacks.

Alhamdulillah, akhirnya pencarian resipi selama lebih 15 tahun di makbulkan Allah dan bertemu akhirnya dari BFF sis Hanifah dari Miri. Thank-you so much my best friend yang amat baik-hati dan izinkan Along berkongsi di sini. Semuga Allah murahkan rezeki beliau dan di beri kesihatan dan keberkatan... aamiiin.... luv ya!

Pai ni kuih tradisi Sarawak tapi akhir2 ni susah nak jumpa di pasar. Linut tu bahasa Sarawak dan maksud nya gam kanji tapi ini di perbuat daripada tepung kastad. Agak sukar juga nak buat nya dan perlukan kesabaran dan latihan sebab tiada sukatan terperinci. Along pun tokok tambah sana sini improvised sampai dah tak pasti sukatan nya lagi. Kena buat sekali lagi baru lah dapat sukatan tepat.

Kemanisan filling tu boleh adjust ikut selera tapi yg ini sedang elok bagi selera Along yg tak suka kuih yg terlalu manis. Tekstur nya tak tau nak cerita tapi tak liat seperti yg setengah pembaca bayangkan sebab guna tepung kastad. Sedikit kenyal tapi amat asyik bila di gandingkan dgn pastry rangup.

Kalau anda berani nak mencuba, Along kongsikan resipi asal yg di kongsikan oleh sis Hanifah ni ya; Along tuliskan lebih terperinci supaya dapat faham. Hati2 sebab nak dapatkan linut yang lutsinar tu agak sukar, tapi bagi orang2 Sarawak/Sabah/Brunei tentu pandai camna nak buat linut kan. Along sakit tangan hari tu, jadi hubby Along yg tolong kacaukan sebab dia kesian bini dia mengidam benda ni lama dah....hehehee baik nya suami ku.... mmmmmuah2.

By: AlongRoz@HomeKreation
Source: my best friend sis Hanifah Ibrahim, Miri
500g Tepung Gandum
150ml Minyak
~150ml Air Ais
1/2 st Garam
1 biji Telur - pukul sedikit untuk sapuan

200g Tepung Kastad
100g Gula
Air Panas Mendidih

1. Gaul tepung, garam & minyak sehingga rata.
Masukkan air ais sehingga dapat membentuk doh.
2. Bahagi adunan kepada dua bahagian.
Gelek nipis setiap satu dan lapiskan tin pai dgn sebahagian doh.
3. Gaulkan tepung kastad & gula.
Bancuh dengan sedikit air, cukup untuk melarutkan nya.
Tuang air panas mendidih sambil di kacau sehingga mendapat adunan yg lutsinar seperti gam.
Sejukkan sebentar.
4. Isikan kulit pastry tadi dgn inti kastad linut.
Tutup pai dgn sebahagian pastry yang satu lagi.
Sapu permukaan pai dgn telur.
5. Bakar 180C selama 45 minit sehingga kulit pastry keperangan.

Ini rupa linut kastad yg dah siap dgn warna lutsinar yg cantik

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Tilapia Masak Lemak Cili Api

 Fresh water fish cooked in spicy green broth is so typical Malay dish in Perak....

By: Roz@HomeKreation
1 Tilapia Fish - clean & cut
3 Shallots*
1 Green Chili*

Some Chili Padi*

1 pc Turmeric Root* (*pounded)
1 tsp Turmeric Powder
1 bowl Thick Coconut Milk

1 Lemongrass - bruised

1 piece Dried Tamarind

1. Place all in a pot & stir all the time until boiled.
Boil further until fish is cooked.
2. Serve with white rice.

Oghang Peghak kalau tak pandai makan Masak Lemak Cili Api, bukan oghang peghak tulen ler....heheee.... Boleh di katakan apa saja pon boleh di masak Gulai Masak Lemak Cili Api. Along pon dah post bermacam2 jenis Gulai lemak kat blog ni tapi lum tunjuk lagi masak ikan Tilapia.

By: AlongRoz@HomeKreation
1 ekor Ikan Tilapia - siang & potong2
3 bj Bwg Merah*
1 bj Cili Hijau*

Cili Padi*
1 ketul Kunyit Hidup (*tumbuk)
1 st Serbuk Kunyit
1 mangkuk Santan Pekat

1 btg Serai - ketuk
1 keping Asam Keping

1. Masukkan kesemua bahan ke dlm periuk & kacau sehingga mendidih & ikan masak sepenuh nya.

2. Hidangkan dgn nasi putih.