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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Steamed Moist Chocolate Cake

Recently I bought a recipe book by Zubaidah Chepa and today I tried her recipe above. I must say that this is the best Moist Chocolate Cake that I have made so far and I give her 5 star rating for the recipe. Not only it is moist but also rich and tasty with right balance of sweet, chocolatie and not oily at all.

For ganache on the top I used the recipe by hana6877 from MR and the side Chocolate Butter Cream by Yochana. By the way this is my very first time decorating cake with icing...hahaha! (LOL)... indeed you can laugh at me....I know it is not perfect at all.....

(Makes 8½ inch diameter)
100g Cocoa Powder*
250g Castor Sugar*
1 tin Evaporated Milk*
200g Cooking Oil*
250g Condensed Milk*
4 Eggs (grade B)
150g Plain Flour**
1 tsp Bicarbonate Soda**
1 tsp Baking Powder** (** combined)

1. Combine ingredients marked * & stir over heat for a while until smooth (no need to boil).
2. Beat eggs in another bowl until frothy & mix into chocolate mixture.
Add in sifted flour mixture and mix with beater at low speed until well mixed.
3. Pour into lined & greased tin.
Steam with medium fire for 1 hour or until cooked.
(Make sure water has been rapidly boiled before steaming the cake).
Cool before decorating.

3 tbsp Condensed Milk
¼ cup Cocoa Powder
2 tbsp Butter
2 tbsp Fresh Milk
- Double boil all ingredients and pour right away onto cake.

125g Butter
125g Margarine
80g Icing Sugar
100g Chocolate - melted
- Beat all ingredients except chocolate. Mix in melted chocolate & ready to use.


  1. Indeed you are right...this is the yummiest, most moist choc cake ever....thanks so much for sharing the ya! I did not use the butter cream, but doubled up the choc ganache recipe...and spread all over the cake. I think the choc ganache was not sweet enough for I will try and add some icing sugar as well. Do you think that will work?

  2. Dear Anonymous, I personally does like to add icing sugar to the ganache as that makes it taste sandy. Try ganache recipe using chocolate and cream. Add the two to required consistency. I will make and post the recipe soon for my son's bday.

  3. I tried this cake last nite....its really delicious n moist......tq for sharing....

  4. Hi Lilian, tq for trying and am glad that you like it.

  5. Hi HOmekreation,
    Thks for sharing so many wonderful recipes in ur blog. Can u advise whts the weight of eggs ( including shell ) for gred A/ gred B and gred C?

    Thks n regards,
    Susanna, Perth

  6. Hi Susanna,

    I have replied your email on the question. Grade A/B = 68g/60g. I don't use grade C for making cakes as they are too small for most recipes.

  7. Hi
    May i ask if we need to cover the mixture with aluminum foil while steaming? or we can leave it

  8. Do we have to cover the cake mixture before steaming.?

  9. Dear Kiran,
    Depending on the type of steamer you use. You need to cover the cake tin or wrap the cover with towels if using conventional steamer. My steamer is not necessary as no water dripping from the cover onto the cake as it uses a very high dome shape cover.

  10. Thanks
    And i notice that, u didnt use eggs for the cake mixture..
    I'll try out

  11. Kiran,
    Look carefully & you will find eggs in the recipe.

  12. Oh i meant butter, instead u use oil
    Oki i tried the bove recipe with the left over indgredients at home
    But i used hong kong flour instead(plain flour no stock)
    It didnt tell out well..
    Nevermeind i''m going to try agian one more time using plain flour..
    Thanks for repying to my previous post.

  13. Hello Homekreation,
    I've been a great fan of your blog.. I must say that this is a wonderful cake! its soo yummy.. Thanks so much for sharing with us..
    god bless you...


  14. Dear Ann,
    TQ for trying and giving feedback. I'm glad it turned out ok & you enjoyed it too.

  15. What's the different between plain flour & flour?
    Can I use self raising flour?If yes, do I still need Baking powder & bicarbonate soda in this recipe?

  16. Dear Anonymous (hope you leave a nick name next time),
    Plain flour is ordinary flour. If you use self-raising flour, skip baking powder but still need to add bic soda.

  17. mmm hi nak tanyer telur tu pecahkan dlm periuk n masak sampai berketul2 ke?
    i tak faham da egg part

  18. Anonymous,
    Kalau anda baca betul2 tentu faham. Respi tu dah terangkan step by step. Takda pulak saya kata pecahkan telur ke dlm periuk....

  19. ok thanks i dah faham salah baca kot yesterday.if tengah2 i letak filing mcm nutella ok ke?
    b4 bake i put nutella kat tengah2 cake?
    will effect da out come?

  20. can i use grade A eggs instead of B
    i used conventional steamer i need to cover da mixture wit foil rite.doesnt effect da cake?i mean nnt cake tu tak rise up ke?

  21. last sunday saya buat kek ni, mmang betul moist sgt, after a few days semakin sedap pulak, cuma saya guna supreme flour, saja nak cuba.

  22. Hello,

    I am trying to bake this cake and wondering how many mls or grams is the evaporated milk?

  23. Hello HomeKreation,

    May I know the actual weight of evaporated milk? how many grams it is?

    Thank you.

  24. salam, saya sudah cuba resipi ini, sungguh bertuah jadi pulak kali ini buat kek, pertama kali buat kek yang menjadi dan sedap, (^_^).... terima kasih berkongsi recepi. ilmu yang terbaik dari ladang..hehe... take care.

  25. just to share with others, i'am using 400g- full cream evaporated milk (the ordinary canned evaporated milk), this recepi is really worth trying. Good luck (^_6)

  26. hi, am a new reader of your blog and honestly, I love it! :-)

  27. Jinky,
    Thank-you for reading my blog. Hope you find it useful.

  28. Hi

    This looks wonderful. I would really like to try it, but I don't have a steamer. Is there an alternative way that I could do it using other kitchen equipment?

  29. Jinx,
    Please refer to tips I gave here:

    You can try method #4, using ordinary wok but ensure water not dried out by adding boiling water when necessary. Cover your cake tin with aluminium foil to avoid water soaking the cake. Hope this helps.

  30. Salam alongroz, sedaaaap sgt2 kek ni, Thanks very much for sharing, nanti nk cuba yg eggless yg you post here jugak..

  31. thx for the recipe. will try this definately. sure looks delicious. Fr mazwin

  32. Hi HomeKreation,

    I am new to your blog and saw this chocolate cake that looks really delicious. Can I ask what kind of cooking oil shall I use? I normally use olive oil for my cooking, is this OK? Or can I use butter instead? Many thanks.

  33. Hi HomeKreation,

    Sorry that I forgot to leave my nick name on the cooking oil query above, my name is Jo. thanks.

    1. Hi Jo,
      Use veg oil like sunflower, canola or corn oil. Olive oil not suitable for cake due to its aroma. You can substitute with melted butter if you like but texture not quite the same.

  34. is it possible to finish this cake with fondant?


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