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Thursday, October 9, 2008

HomeKreation Mango Cheesecake

I created the cheesecake filling recipe to serve for our small Hari Raya open house recently. We just returned from kampung with a bag of very sweet mango given by my husband's relatives. Coincidentally, I had a packet of cream cheese and also a packet of cream. I wanted the cheesecake to be rich with mango taste but couldn't find any cheesecake recipe that used pureed mango. Confidently, I created my own recipe based on my own imagination and appetite. The result is awesome...!!

Many of the guests asked for the recipe and here it is:

Made one 9" diameter
110g Butter
2 tbs Brown Sugar
200g Digestive Biscuits - crushed
50g Cornflakes - crushed coarsely
- Melt butter with brown sugar.
- Mix in rest of ingredients.
- Press into the cheesecake tin.
- Chill for at least 30 minutes.

1 block (250g) Cream Cheese
1/2 cup Castor Sugar
1 packet Cream (200ml)
1 cup Mango puree (used 2 large mangoes & my mangoes were very sweet)
1 tbsp Gelatine/Jelly powder - dilute in 1/4 cup water & heat up until melt

1. Cream cream cheese and sugar until smooth.
Add in cream & continue to beat until thicken.
Add in mango puree & stir well.
Add in gelatine/jelly mixture.

2. Pour into the chilled crust.
Chill overnight until set.

3. For topping, arrange mango slices on the cheesecake once it is set.
Mix 40ml apricot jam with 40ml hot water.
Brush the mango topping with apricot jam mixture.
Chill until set.
Serve chilled.


  1. Salam along, best tgk mango cheesecake along tu, mengancam...saya ada jugak wat mango cheesecake for hari raya but tak jadi coz saya ganti gelatin dgn serbuk agar2, tak sure apa yg tak kena, cake tu tak keras langsung...kuar dr esbox ajer dlm 5min terus cair...aiseyyyy
    lagi 1, mango yg saya gunakan masam sgt2...ingatkan manis, so bila makan tu berkerut2 ler muka...langsung tak jadik nk hidang on hari raya..hehehe...resepi saya amik dari blog resepi diana. Pas ni bole ler try resepi along plak...hehehhe

  2. Siti, kalau mango tu masam, leh tambahkan lebih gula ke dlm mango puri & kacau rasa sehingga kurang masam. Utk topping lak, tambah 1 tbs gula dlm apricot mixture tu - panaskan sehingga gula cair.

  3. may i knw which type of mango u used? i used "Harumanis" for my own recipe of cheese cake but it doesnt match with cheese.

  4. Dear Anonymous, I've got the mangoes from kampung and not sure what type they are. They are very sweet and works well with this recipe.

  5. Along, 200 ml cream tu cream ape ye? sour cream or whipping cream or lain-lain cream? Teringin jugak nak cuba..tapi kena cari mango dulu.. Kalau kat kampung, orang panggil mempelam siam..itulah mempelam yang paling manis sekali..hehehe

  6. Tirana, cream apa pun tak kisah - thickened cream ke whipping cream ke pun boleh. Dah cuba nnt kasitau k.

  7. thank q for ur kind reply. the mango tht i used were very sweet as well but the aroma of it doesnt goes well with my cheesecake. thanks again. u're nice.

  8. Thank you Along..Nanti kalau saya cuba..saya bagitahu.. Ni nak cari mango kat mana ye?..fresh mango kan? Kalau musim dia, kat tepi jalan pun ada orang jual. Kalau bukan musim dia, kena cari kat pasar la gamaknya.

  9. Hi,
    I would like to try the recipe for my anniversary with my bf.
    Kindly advise how do I make the mango puree? Do i blend the mango cube with a little water? Look forward to your advise. I like your recipe all looks nice & interesting.

  10. Hi,
    Brown sugar do you mean by real brown colour sugar or the bright orange brown sugar?
    Also wat brand of cream cheese & cream did u use?
    As for the sugar do i use super refine or sugar powder?
    Look forward to your kind reply.

  11. Dear Anonymous,
    Puree the mango using blender or food processor. No water or ice is necessary.

  12. Dear Anonymous,
    It does not matter what type of brown sugar. The idea is to give distinct flavour as opposed to white sugar. I used light brown sugar.
    I used Philadelphia cream cheese. I don't remember the brand for the cream as I do not stick to any particular brand. I simply use any that I can find on the supermarket shelve.
    I used castor sugar as stated in the recipe. You can buy this from any supermarket.
    Hope my answer helps. Good Luck.

  13. Hi,

    I'm not sure what kind of cream to use for the receipe.
    Did you use whipping cream that is liquid form or spray can type? or a can of cream for the receipe?
    Look forward to your kind reply.

  14. Hi JN,
    You can use any kind of liquid cream from can or packet (whipping or thicken cream) but not the spray type as that is too foamy to mix in.

  15. hello. u mentioned gelatine in the recipe. wat if i skip the gelatine and use the jelly instead? but wat kind of jelly?

  16. Hi

    at last iv found a nice mango cheesecake recipes, with whole mangoes for topping, very easy to do and no baking needed.

    i will be doing this recipe 2night as a supprise dessert for my boyfriend, he is going to love it

    thanks you !!


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