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Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Making of Cencaluk

Miri is famous with its shrimp-based products like Cencaluk, Belacan and dried shrimps. Miri is surrounded by beach and blessed with seasonal shrimp flows and hence not surprising that most locals make their own Belacan & Cencaluk. Me too, does not want to be left out...! I learned making it from my sis-in law few years back. A couple of weeks ago when I saw fresh shrimps sold along the beach, just thought of making it again.

Wanna try making your own Cencaluk? Here it is:

1 kg Fresh Shrimps
3 handful Sugar
1 handful Salt

1. Mix all ingredients.
Keep in a clean & covered jar & leave it for 4-5 days.
Stir every other day to ensure even fermentation.

2. To serve, mix with lime juice, Chili Padi & Onion.


  1. I was told it is not necessary to wash the fresh prawn to make cencaluk because the natural salt water makes the cencaluk taste better, is it true?

  2. Anonymous,
    Yes, that's true provided you buy directly from the boat but if you buy from the fish market, they already mixed with ice and I would still wash.

  3. Hi Roz,
    last two years, i out station kat bintulu.. beli 2 bekas cencaluk bintulu..lepas pekena freshly made cencaluk bintulu...i dah tak makan cencaluk dlm botol yg biasa jual kat kedai.. i just love the taste and the smell of fresh shrimp... :D

  4. Hi.
    Baru nak tanya dah rasa tak cencaluk bintulu...
    Nampaknya blu4sky dah mention dulu. :-)
    Tapi mmg betul, saya yg tak suka cencaluk sblm ni, bila try mkn cencaluk bintulu tu, terus jadi kemaruk cencaluk. But nothing can beat the bintulu one. the smell is better, taste less salty and the shrimp pun slightly bigger.

    i heard miri's belacan is one of the top?


  5. Blu4sky, Ridz,
    Cencaluk from Miri is as good as Bintulu's. My recipe above is the typical local way of making it. Unlike cencaluk from Semenanjung which added rice and other additives making the cencaluk so stink, the Miri/Bintulu Cencaluk is just pure shrimps. Another tips to make nice cencaluk need be fresh from the boats.


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