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Monday, May 17, 2010

Moist Roast Chicken

I usually bake chicken on a rack so that the fat will drip off from the chicken to produce crispy result but this time I place them all in a casserole with some sauce added producing moisten and tasty chicken. My hubby & children love the gravy from the bottom of the casserole.

Recipe adopted from Tulip with compliments (renamed & translated into English herewith).
1/2 Chicken - cut into 6-8 pieces
4 cloves Garlic*
1" Ginger*
1 tbsp Coriander Seeds*
1 tbsp Fennel Seeds* (* blended)
1 tbsp Sweet Soy Sauce
1 tbsp Honey
2 tbs Oyster Sauce
2 tbsp Chili Sauce
1 tbsp Tomato Sauce
4 tbsp Water

1. Mix all of them.
Marinate for 30 min.
2. Place in a baking dish.
Place some butter on top.
3. Bake 190C for 60 min.
4. Top with brown sauce & serve with Chicken Rice or plain rice.


  1. Hi Kak, this chicken looks absolutely heaven to me now! Hahaha...I'm a true chickenlover...;)

    I did bake a chicken something similar last weekend but unable to take a shot due to guests around.

    Now, I'm craving for Urs...hihi!

  2. along... lia nak jugak... seketul ayam... mahu yg ribs ye :-)

  3. mylunch today..did it in a casserole..n took out some too n finihed em on a roaster..mkn dg chic rice u..thx 4 sharing


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