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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Talam Sugee

 I made this last week-end but have been too busy this week to blogging.... sorry friends if you feel that I've been quiet & not returning your visits. Very nice kuih and we finished them all despite my children do not typically fancy the sweet Malay kuih but they like this one....!

I did not use a lot of yellow coloring and hence the kuih looks a bit pale in the above photo.

By: Roz@HomeKreation
Source: Bdaria (Translated into English by HomeKreation & recipe below is half from the original measurements)
Makes 8" round
90g Sugee*
225ml Water * (* Mixed & soaked for 30 min) 
110g Sugar
1 Egg
100ml Coconut Milk
125ml Water
Yellow coloring

150g Palm Sugar*
25g Sugar*
250ml Water* (* Boil until sugar is dissolved & cool) 
75g Flour
1 1/2 Egg
125ml Coconut Milk
1/4tsp Salt

1. Mix bottom layer ingredients other than sugee mixture*, and strain into a pot.
Add sugee mixture* and cook above medium fire & stir until slightly thicken.
Steam in a greased tin for 25 min.

2. Mix all the top layer ingredients & strain into a pot.
Cook above medium fire & stir for a while (not too thick or too thin).
Pour on top of the first layer & steam 30 min.

3. Cool the kuih before slicing.


  1. salam along..
    wow! cantiknyaa kuih ni...

  2. Salam Along.Cantik talam ni.Sebenarnya Cm ni kurang berseni buat kuih talam talam ni tapi sangat suka makan:)

  3. Hi Kak, where is my share of talam sugee? Hehehe, looks so yummy! :D

  4. Fara Dean,
    Wsalam. Senang je nak buat ni & hasil nya sedap. Cuba lah.

    Wsalam. Along pun bukan nya pandai sgt buat kuih talam tp respi ni senang je, terus jadi...hehe. Buat ler, puas mkn buat sendiri.

    Haahaa... gotta make again if you want bcoz all gone already lah!

  5. salam along...minta izin salin resipi...terima kasih..

  6. Mat Gebu,
    Wsalam. Boley, boley no ploblem.... :)

  7. Salam Madam.Your recipe was really amazeing and halal too.thanks a lot may allah bless you and your familly much.wasalam madam.

  8. Anonymous,
    Wsalam.I'm glad that you find my blog useful and yes all my recipes are halal. Thanks for the feedback and nice wish.

  9. Dear Roz, I love ur blog very much. Thanks for all the lovely recipes u have shared. I just have a go on this talam sugee. It turns out very good and we like it so much. (from Jane's corner)

  10. Jane,
    Thanks for your msg. Glad that it turned out ok & your family enjoyed it.

  11. Salam Along...minta izin c&p resepi ya! Maklang

  12. hi sis
    u mentioned strain all ing in the bottom layer..
    u mean strain out the water and steam only the suji..?
    coz i think i made wrongly..pls advise

    1. (Please leave ur nick name next time),
      I've retyped the method, I must have typed it in a hurry at that time. TQ for pointing out.


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