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Friday, September 7, 2012

Jellyfish Salad (Umai Ubur-Ubur)

 “I am submitting this dish to Malaysian Food Fest, Sarawak Month hosted by Sharon of Feats of Feasts”.

This is not kind of contest or anything like wining prizes but it is just simply about introducing / promoting our own local cuisines and this sounds attractive to me because it synonym with the purpose of my HomeKreation Kitchen Corner! The MFF was introduced by Sharon when she approached me to borrow my photo of layered cake as part of  her hosting entry.

Without much of further ado, I would like to introduce a dish originated from fishermen kampung in Sarawak. My hubby is from Kg Grigat, Sarikei which is very famous for a wide beach - majority of the kampung people are fishermen and jellyfish is one of the top catch. Jellyfish are caught, processed and sold for export to Japan which generates good income for the kampung men and women there. Many kampung women work in the factory as part-time job and paid daily based on quantity they managed to process.

In Sarawak it is also common to find jellyfish as part of cold starter served in hotels and restaurants. I learn how to prepare the jellyfish before making it into any preferred dish, from my hubby's kampung people. I never knew that jellyfish are edible before I came to Sarawak.

Wonder how it tastes....? I would say tastes like unsweetened jelly (bland and absolutely no fishy smell), soft and chewy but slightly crunchy.... once spiced up with chili & lime will taste great!

 Coincidentally, my MIL sent us some salted jelly fish but it didn't cross my mind to put this entry for MFF until when I was just about to post it. Here sharing one of the Sarawak authentic cuisines....

By/Source: Roz@HomeKreation
3 Salted Jellyfish
2 Red/Green Chilies*
CiliPadi* (optional) 
1" Ginger* (* sliced & pounded coarsely) 
½ Big Onion - sliced thinly 
1 Lime - extract juice 
1 tsp Vinegar
Roasted Peanut - ground coarsely (optional) 
Salt & Sugar

1. First of all the jelly fish need to be soaked whole day to eliminate salty taste.
The soaking water need to be changed frequently.
The jelly fish will expand from its salted-state size.

2. Drain jellyfish & place the desalted jellyfish into a pan above medium fire.
The jellyfish will start shrinking and stop fire once the jelly fish shrink to about half size.

3. Slice the jelly fish into thin strips.
Mix jelly fish with all ingredients and serve as starter or enjoy with rice along other dishes.

 The heated jelly fish in a pan not yet shrinking....

Rasa nya ramai yg belum pernah mencuba Umai Ubur-Ubur kan.... kalau nak rasa meh lah melawat Sarawak!

By/Source: AlongRoz@HomeKreation
3 ekor Ubur-Ubur Masin
2 bj Cili Merah/Hijau*
CiliPadi* (optional) 
1" Halia* (* hiris nipes & tumbuk kasar) 
½ bj Bwg Besar - hiris nipis
1 bj Limau - ambil jus nya 
1 st Cuka
Kacang Goreng - di tumbuk kasar (optional) 
Garam & Gula

1. Mula2, sediakan ubur2 dahulu.
Rendamkan ubur2 seharian & tukar air rendaman dgn kerap.
Anda akan dapati ubur2 akan mengembang.

2. Tapis ubur2 & masak dlm kuali dgn api sederhana.
Ubur2 akan mengecut sehingga separuh saiz tadi.

3. Hiris nipis ubur2.
Campurkan ubur2 dgn kesemua bhn & hidangkan sebagai pembuka mulut atau sebagai lauk sampingan.


  1. Thank you for participating!
    This is one dish that I will gladly and selfishly keep to myself, muahahahahahahaha!
    I love jellyfish, what more when made into something so appetizing.

  2. penah tgk dlm tv..mcm sedap je..teringiiiiin nya..

  3. Salam Along....sedapnya dan enak tapi kan Along agak mahal lah jugak untuk menikmati makanan ini . Pernah makan semasa di Sibu dulu tapi sekarang nampak entri nie haha teringat kembali.

  4. Assallamualaikum along..

    Long, Naz bnyk kali tgk kat dlm tv cara buat umai ubur ni.. Menarik sgt cara yg ditunjukkan dlm tv tu.. Cam ne lah rasanya ye..

  5. Assalamualaikum along

    One of my favourite it to bits...:)

  6. masa mkn kat top spot ada org mbak menu tok mun kita maok ordr..tpi kmk dh byk ord lauk lain..jong2 x terkaber nk makan...lamk juak x mkn umei tok eh..


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