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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sarawak Serikaya Cake

A lady from Singapore wrote to me asking for this recipe. I made this cake today especially for her and hope this is what she has been looking for. Apparently this cake is now quite popular in Singapore but the recipe is not easily shared.

In Sarawak, this cake is typically served during Hari Raya in southern Sarawak. So far, have not seen it in Miri. I've got the recipe from my sis-in-law. It looks like chocolate cake but no trace of chocolate at all. The taste is creamy, very moist texture and nice aroma.

The original recipe produces a huge cake. I halved the portion as below to make a standard size cake:

By: Roz@HomeKreation
(Makes 8" round/square)
160g Caster Sugar
5 Eggs
1 tsp Ovalet
150g Serikaya

200g Condensed Milk
1 tin (170g) Nestle Cream
1 tsp Essence Vanilla
1 bottle (80-100g) Browning
150g Chocolate Horlicks (I used plain)
175g Plain Flour

1. Beat butter & sugar until fluffy.
Add in egg one by one while beating.

Add in the rest of the ingredients in the order while beating.

2. Pour into greased & lined tin.
Steam for 4 hours.

3. Sprinkle toasted sesame seeds if preferred (I skipped) while cake is hot. 

This is a photo of browning in case you have not used it before. It is very thick in texture & will not pour. I used satay stick to get it out from the container.


  1. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing this recipe. I tried it today, and it was a success! *thumbs up*

    However, I got some condensed milk and serikaya left. Do you have any other recipe to recommend so that I can use both of the ingredients up?


  2. Salam..kak long,nestle cream tu camne rupanya?

  3. emmm alonggggg!! sedapnya cake tu.hitam tu kan menawan :-) tapi kan kalau k.ct nak buat kena buat 1/2 jer dr adunan tu.takut lambat nak habis hehehe

  4. Good morning Roz,
    thank you so much for the recipe.
    I definitely will try out your recipe. It sure looks good and will try out this weekend.


  5. Salam Along...

    Mama ni punya vocab bahan baking amatlah terhadnya. Browning ni, first time mama dengar. Bila ronda kat kedai bakery supplies pun, rasa macam tak pernah nampak or maybe mama terlepas pandang. Jadinya, kalaulah mama gantikan dengan emulco, boleh tak eh? Macam mana sebenarnya rasa emulco ni? Cuba colet sikit dan rasa, then let me know...bley? Hehehe... Banyaklah pulak songel mama ni.. ampun!

  6. Hi,

    May I know that browning is same as black treacle?



  7. Julia,
    Wow that's fast. Cannot think of any other recipe at the moment unless you can be more specific on what you are looking for. Anyway, these two ingredients can easily be consumed daily so not too worry.

    Nestle cream tu dlm tin. Most supermkt ada jual kat bahagian bhn2 kuih.

    CT Delima,
    Adunan tu along dh separuhkan, kalau separuhkan lagi jd suku lah...Buat je lah tak abis, ramai member2 kat sini boleh tumpang mkn...hehehe

    You are welcome. Do let me know the outcome & how you like the cake.

    Browning tu ada distinct flavour & aroma - tak sama dgn chocolate. Cuba Mama cari kat western food ingredients sbb in western country this browning is added to brown sauce.

    I am not sure whether browning=black treacle but I imagine it can be a substitute as both are made of sugar.

  8. Thanks kak for sharing this great recipe..I love it so much!! Yup and I have been looking for this recipe for ages..You are so kind to share it!! God Bless kak! Muaks

  9. Thanks for sharing the recipe. There were so many people baking this cake but no one is sharing the recipe. I saw browing sauce at the supermarket but it said is for sauce. Are they the same?

  10. Sgt sedap! Teringat kuih muih lama mak I masa dulu-dulu. Thanks for sharing the taste & recipe. Org lain jgn jealous.... Cik Roz bagi kat kita utk merasa :)

    Cik Mala

  11. Hi

    Kenapa kek ni perlu stim selama 4jam dan perlu guna api yg besar atau kecil?Bolehkah kita pendekan masa,menyebabkan kualiti tak?



  12. Adriana,
    You are welcome. It is my pleasure to share with all.

    You are welcome. Yes, browing can also be used for sauce but be careful as there are two types of browning. One which is thin and taste horrible and only suitable to tint sauces or cakes which is used in a very small quantity. The correct one is very thick as I described and taste bitter sweet with nice aroma which is used for this cake and can be used in large quantity.

    Cik Mala,
    Lain kali you pulak buat & I makan...hehehe

    You can try for shorter period if you can get it cooked. I tested it after 2hours & again at 3 hours and it wasn't cooked. That is due to it heavy content of wet ingredients. Also this cake can keep several days outside the fridge as it has been cooked for such a long time. Cook at medium fire but make sure water has been rapidly boiled before start steaming.

  13. HI Roz,

    I tried the cake today. Find that it is too sweet. Also as I couldn't find the Browning sauce in Singapore, I substitute it with 3 tbsp of treacle sauce. Didn't turn out aromatic :(
    and the color was no where your beautiful dark brown color. Also, is the cake suppose to be dense? it isn't the soft sponge type rite?


  14. Hi Alice,
    Sorry to hear it did not turn up as expected. Actually I have reduced substantially the amount of sugar from the original recipe & should not be too sweet. Is the treacle sauce that you use is sweet? On the other hand, Browning is not sweet and bitter in taste which should offset nicely. Yes, the cake is dense but quite soft spongy as you can see from my photo there are holes of sponge. Make sure you steam 4 hours otherwise it may be not be spongy as it should be.

  15. Roz,
    How much does your Browning sauce cost? Where can I get it in Malaysia since there is none in Singapore. Also can I swap the condensed milk to evaporated milk for this recipe?


  16. Alice,
    A bottle of browning 80g is less than RM3. It is sold everywhere in Sarawak but not sure in Peninsular Msia.
    No you cannot swap the two types of milk as it will affect consistency & taste.

  17. Hi HomeKreation,

    Any chance if u cld help buy the browning source for me and post to singapore? thks

  18. Dear HomeKreation,

    May i know whether we need to cover with aluminium foil on the cake tin while steaming. I am worrying the evopration might drip on to the cake.

    Thank you.

  19. ChezzyHeart,
    I would like to help but there are so many people asking. Why not you try to look in Spore baking shop first.

    Sorry, I assume people know on the basic steaming so did not specify. If you are using traditional steamer, you need to cover the tin tightly (can use foil) to prevent the caked from soaked in water. Also you need to ensure your cake tin is high/big enough otherwise your cover will prevent the cake from expanding (should be 2/3 full). As for me, I'm using modern cake steamer without cake tin and hence no cover necessary.

  20. Hi,

    Just want to share,we can buy browning in Singapore fr Anna Phua,address can find fr internet

    Kak Roz,

    Thanx for sharing this recipe,will try ot sooner.


  21. Jenny,
    Thanks for sharing as there are many from Singapore asking. I hope you will success & like the taste.

  22. Wow...thx for sharing so much good recipes...may i know 5 eggs is equal to how many Grams?thx again...cant wait to try ur cakes&share it with my family:>

  23. Dear Anonymous,
    I used Grade A egg. Each weight 68g (with shell).

  24. Alhamdulillah, my 1st attempt turned gr8. Very moist. I steamd for 3hrsn20mins. I followd exactly yr steps n Mmg sedap. Wow yr kitchen corner expanding, the recipes r all superb.Congrats Roz!!


  25. Bravo to you! Thanks so much for sharing THIS recipe! I may not try this as it is very, very rich but knowing you are so willing to share really touches me. Keep up the good spirit!


  26. bahan2 mcm sama dgn kek negro. cara buat pun sama. nama kek je lain. tp trima kasih krn berkongsi sb resepi kek negro i dah lama hilang... gerenti sedap punya.

  27. i have a friend going to sarawak this raya hols. please let me know some places that i can ask her to buy the bottles of browning for me.any particular grocery shops, supermarkets??Hope to hear from you as soon as possible.I have been hunting for this recipe for years and want to get the browning to try it! Thank you so much. Soo.My email

  28. Minibaker,
    Browning sugar is a common ingredients that can be found in any shops/supermarket. Be careful not to buy the wrong browning. The difference is one is "Gula Browning/Browning Sugar" and the other is "Browning". The later is not sweet & used for making sauce not cakes.

  29. Thanks Roz for your prompt reply! So i should ask her to look for browning sugar.What's the name of the brand that you use?I also emailed you asking where to get the salt-free anchovies and the very useful about rm35 shortbread tin cum cutter?Either the name of the shop or the road would help!Thank you so much. minibaker

  30. Minibaker,
    I've replied to your email already. See the photo above - I used brand Ee Syn but there are many others brands and they are all the same only different packaging company actually.

  31. Hi Kak,

    What is serikaya? Is it kaya in tin? What brand are u using? thanks


  32. One word...YUMMY! thanks for sharing this recipe kak, "thumbs up"... my frens n family like it very much

  33. Mei,
    I don't know what is other name for Serikaya/Kaya but in English can be called as egg jam. There are many brands sold in can like Nona, Yeos, etcs.

    Thanks for trying & feedback. I'm glad you like it.

  34. Hi Kak, do u have this "Kek Batik Jawa" to share? i love to buy this kek at the tamu every weekend, i wonder u have the recipe to share wit me? Terima kasih

  35. hi, are u from Miri? i am from Miri too:)

  36. Hi dik,
    May i ask which brand of serikaya did you use to make this Sarawak Serikaya Cake?
    Thank you.

  37. Hi Roz,

    Thanks for the recipe, I will definitely try it out during festive season. Please do you have this dendi cake (steam) I just love it but cannot get the recipe. Please help.

  38. hi thanks for sharing the recipe...


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