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Friday, August 27, 2010

Black Onde-Onde / Buah Melaka

I experimented Onde2 using black glutinous flour & the result is very pleasantly delicious with special aroma. The taste & texture is nicer than using pure white glutinous rice flour.

Herewith my recipe. There was only 90g black glutinous rice flour left in the packet & that's how I came up with such measurement in the recipe.

Source: Roz@HomeKreation
Makes: about 30 small pieces
90g Black Glutinous Rice Flour
110g White Glutinous Rice Flour
2 tbsp Coconut Cream
A pinch of Salt
Enough Water
Grated Coconut + a pinch of Salt
Palm Sugar / Gula Melaka - chopped to small pieces

1.  Mix the first four ingredients in a bowl.
Gradually add in water until a dough is form.

2. Take a small portion, flat it & wrap a piece of palm sugar.
Roll into a small ball & ensure the filling does not leak.
Finish shaping & filling until all the dough used up.

3. Boil a pot of water.
Drop the shaped dough into it.
Let it boil until the kuih float to the surface of the water.
Lift out the kuih & roll onto grated coconut.
Cool the kuih before serving, the melted palm sugar in the filling may burn your tongue when it is hot.


  1. Looks very nice, and I'm still searching for this flour!!!! I'm dying to make chiffon ketan hitam.

  2. I like to eat onde-onde, and this one is special and must be yummy.

    As for your last comment left on "Green Peas Cookies". I only bought normal green peas snacks from supermarket. I pounded it, to get rid of the skin, then blend it in a food processor.
    I hope you can find normal green peas snacks in your hometown, if cannot, then do let me know, I send you one packet of green peas, so you can bake for coming Hari Raya :)

  3. Wendy,
    You haven't emailed me your address - I'm waiting!

    Many thanks for your offer, I'm sure I can find green peas snacks in here but sounds like a lot of works... I will ask my sister to buy me the flour in KL - surely they have.

  4. Where to purchase Black glutinous Rice Flour?


  5. Maria,
    I found it in one of Miri's supermarkets but now no more.

  6. Roz,
    I've posted my chiffon ketan hitam made with the flour you sent me. This friday another post with your flour :)

    Thanks a lot!!!!! Muaahs!


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