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Friday, July 31, 2009

Banana Cake

  It reminded me of my Emak's request when I first saw this cake in Ros Onigiri's house. I have just finished baking the cake just now as I am going to visit my Emak tomorrow.

The texture is light and it is very easy & fast to make this. However, my cake turned up a bit dry & bitter. So if I make again next time, I will reduce the bic soda & lower the oven temperature. The cake was cooked at 40 minutes instead of an hour. For recipe, please refer here.

Update: The cake mature after 1-2 days which become more moist & enhanced banana flavour. See photo below:


  1. Assalamualaikum..hye..can i have the recipe of banana cake? the url given has been blocked, so i can't access it.

    1. Wsalma. The blog has been closed. I made it long time ago & have to search again. Suggest you look for another banana cake recipe in my blog - there are few which are nice.

    2. May I have the recipe of banana cake? I really love it..kindly emel the recipe at

    3. There are several banana cakes posted in this blog & you can choose the one you preferred. Use the index or search box in this blog. The latest one I made is here, skip poppy seed if you like:


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