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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kuih Bom

I reached home after work at about 5pm, cleaned myself, solat Asar, goo-goo-gaa-gaa with my little princess then rushed to the kitchen to prepare for Iftar. While waiting for my Chicken Rendang & grilled fish, I managed to rush & made this kuih just before breaking-off fast at 6.35pm.... efficient eh? hehehe...

This version of recipe does not explode when being fried and the texture is just nice - crispy on the outer skin & soft springy in the inside... try it to believe it.

By: Roz@HomeKreation
(Makes a dozen)
80g Sweet Potato
- steamed & mashed
120g Glutinous Rice Flour
20g Plain Flour
35g Castor Sugar
A pinch Salt
100ml Water
Sesame Seeds
- for rolling
Coconut/Bean Filling

1. Mix all ingredients (except sesame seeds & filling) to form a soft dough.
Divide into 12 balls.
Flatten each ball, place a ball of filling & wrap.
Roll onto sesame seeds.

2. Deep fry until golden.

Note: You can refer to coconut filling recipe here.


  1. Tak bestlah kuih bom yang tak meletup! Hahahaha... itu cakap cakap orang jeles tau.. orang yang kalau buat kuih bom, bila goreng meletup! Hihihi... nanti kalau ma terrajin, ma try Along punya resepi pulak eh... kita tengok, dia letup ke dak!

  2. Salam along!!! kita suke kuih ni tp nak buat takut tak jadi!!! cayalah along!! kerja2 tapi masih sempat buat menu untuk iftar sekeluarga ;-)..

  3. selamat bersahur,cantik merekahnya..bab kuih bom merekah!(bab delima merekah)

  4. Berbaris elok je kuih bom along tue... mcm nk kawad pulak.hehhe

  5. salam along..wah bestnya kueh bom..bomm..! cam ni blh-lah try nanti. thanks for the receipi.

  6. Yum that looks delish can I use regular potatos than mashed potato?
    How high should the heat be and do I have to keep stirring while cooking?


  7. Yes, you can try with regular potato. It is deep fried meaning you use a lot of oil enough to cover the kuih and therefore only flip it occasionally to ensure evenly cooked.

  8. Petua klu x nak kuih bom meletop...selepas siap dibulat2kan jgn terus goreng biarkan dlm 3 ke 4 jam...insyaallah x meletop...

  9. Ita, Kiev, Ukraine
    I've copied yr kue lopes n kue bom receipes, tq 4 sharing it. I'll try n let u know. My late mom used 2 make these kue and I would sell it after school. Unfortunately I didn't bother 2 get d receipes frm her.


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