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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Rendang Kerang ( Cockle Rendang )

I love this dish but cockles are expensive in Sarawak. They cost 10x the price in my hometown in the Peninsular. I used the same Rendang recipe to cook chicken, beef, prawn and any other meat/seafood. My Rendang recipe used least variety of ingredients, the way my mum cooks hers, but rest assured of delicious result...! Yummy!

1 bowl Cockles
1 bowl very thick Coconut Milk (put more for richer result but watch out for cholestrol!)
5 tbs dried Chilli paste
10 Shallots*
3 Lemongrass*
2 inches Ginger* (*blend finely)
1 piece dried Tamarind
1 Turmeric leaf - sliced as fine as possible
Salt & MSG (optional)

1. Place coconut milk, chilli paste & blended ingredients in a wok.
Boil until thick & oil emerges from the surface.

2. Add in cockles, sliced turmeric leaf, tamarind piece, salt & MSG.
Stir all the time until the gravy is dry and cockles are cooked (it is important not to overcook the cockles otherwise they will turn out hard).

3. Serve with white rice, Nasi Lemak or roti.

a. If making chicken or meat rendang, place them with all other ingredients in step 1 and stir with slow heat until done.
b. Cook the Rendang to your preferred dryness. My children prefer it a bit wet whilst my mum will always cook hers until very dry because she normally cooks in large volume which can be kept until the next day.

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