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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Award from Jun

This award received from Jun. Admittedly, yes I think I work hard to keep this blog. Imagine being a working woman with a challenging and demanding job, a wife, a mother to three growing boys (two sitting for important exams this year), a daughter to an old mum and all other normal social duties in life and yet I have to ensure the best I can to feed my family. Being the only female in the house, naturally I have to assume most of the house chores by myself. There is no maid but my husband and children do help to certain extend but not cooking lah. So without dedication and hardworking, I may not able to get this blog moving. Thanks Jun for the recognition. It makes me feel good. Mmmmmmuuah! Hug-hug-hug! Luv ya!

Pada Along, sume blog dlm list Along tu rajin/hardworking belaka, kalau tak rajin mana ler ada nya blog anda kan, betul tak.... so siapa yang rajin nak angkut & gantung award ni kat rumah anda, amik tau... jangan segan-silu...

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