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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Instant Laksa Johor

It has been heavily raining since last night and has not stopped until this morning. It is heavily raining at the moment. The Lutong River has overflown and roads are flooded. We prefer to stay in the house for safety (but also curling very lazy when the wheater is wet & cold...hehe). Aaaah... (sighing) as usual I am the one who has to think on the daily menu... we could not even go out for breakfast.... O'ooooh suddenly I remember what my blog friend has sent me... an instant Laksa Johor paste sounds very easy to prepare!! Mmmuah... Thanks ya, what a help....!

Here it goes:

1 packet Laksa Johor paste
800ml Water
1 Chicken breast
200ml Coconut Milk
Fish balls

Mini sausages
Mustard leaves (will be nice if I have bean sprout)
1 packet Meehoon - blanche
Boil Eggs
Ready-to-consume Chilli Oil

1. Place water, paste & the whole chicken breast in a pot & boil until chicken is cooked.
Pick the chicken out & put aside.
Add into the pot, coconut milk, fish balls & sausages & boil further.
Add more salt if necessary.
Lastly add in mustard leaves & off fire.

2. Serve meehoon with the cooked gravy, shredded chicken and chilli oil.


  1. I think my fren gave me 1 too. Gotta go find it. Heard about the flood alert in Swak. Hope your area is safe.

  2. Hi Farina, Have not heard about the food alert. So far so good in miri. Only problem right now is the rising water level due to heavy rains which prolong.


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