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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Chicken Floss ( Serunding Ayam )

AlongRiz is backed home for one week semester break and returning to KL tomorrow. I prepared this dish specially for him to bring back for Sahoor purpose. He is staying in the college apartment with no cooking facilities, so hope this helps. This dish can last for a month even without keeping in a fridge. It took me 2 days of preparation and cooking to get it ready as above.

Too lazy to type further and feeling very sleepy at the moment. Will update the recipe later if any demand.

Here is an update on the recipe as requested by few. I made double the portion below as the chicken I used weighted >2kg.

1 kg Chicken
- boil & shred finely
200g Shallots*
5g Garlic*
10g Fennel seeds**
10g Coriander seeds**
(**toast & grind)
15g Chili paste
200g Lemongrass
- sliced finely
200ml Coconut Milk
Salt & Sugar

1. Place ingredients marked *, **, chili paste & lemongrass in a wok.
Stir for a while & add some coconut milk gradually, stirring in between each addition until dry.
Stir until dry & oil emerged on the surface.
Add salt & sugar and shredded chicken.

2. Keep stirring above very slow fire until dry (this part may take 1/2 day).
Ensure dry completely if meant to be consumed for a longer period, otherwise it is nicer when a bit moist.


  1. Hi
    Your chicken floss looks good. Can have your recipe? Thank you.


  2. Hi Renee,
    ok I will but give me a bit more time. Just too bz & tired lately. Thanks for asking.

  3. Hi
    your serunding really looks yummy. May i have the recipe pls? Thank you.

    Mrs V

  4. bestnys serunding ni, do share the recipe when ur not too tired or bz,if using beef will it be the same method? thanks for sharing all yr recipes.

  5. Dear All,

    Enjoy the recipe & do let me know the result if you try.


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