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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Instant Mee Rebus

I was thinking what to prepare for breakfast while looking into the stock in the pantry. By Saturday there aren't many things left since I only do marketing once a week... Then I found the instant Mee Rebus paste that Azie gave me. It has been quite sometime & must have forgotten about it. Since I don't have fresh noodles, I just made do with the instant dry noodles. So my breakfast is the combination of all the instant ingredients...hahaha. Still we all enjoyed our breakfast this morning...Thanks Azie.


  1. along... lyn ada...slalu jengok sini tapi tak tinggal jejak pun..sorry....

  2. mie rebus, is it mie soup yang kuahnya berperisa udang?

    1. Not really, this was an instant paste & I just added a bit of udang.


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