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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Agar-Agar Lapis Santan

 I was looking for a jelly recipe which is quick & easy to prepare  for the office year end party the other day & came across this beautiful Agar-Agar Lapis Santan from Noreen's blog (original recipe by Norzalina Nordin). The plain bottom layer complimented very well by rich creamy topping. At the end of the party all the pieces were swept clean...! Not forgetting my own family, I made double portion of the recipe below & save one container for the eager boys at home.

Thank-you very much to both Noreen and Norzalina for the simple and yet lovely recipe. Recipe is translated to English for some of my colleague who may want to give a try (Wai Sarn, hope you will try & let me know if you did). I have also translated to metric gram for a more accurate measurement.... happy trying!

(Makes 8" square)
1 tbsp Jelly powder (I used 10g)
900ml Water
130g Sugar (I used 150g) 
1/2 tsp Rose Essence
Red Color

1/2 tbsp Jelly powder (I used 5g)
450ml Santan from 1 coconut (I used 1 can Santan + water to come up with 450ml)
90g Sugar
1 Pandan Leaf

1. Boil all bottom layer & pour into tin.
2. Boil top layer & pour on top of the 1st layer only once the surface of the bottom layer has firmed up (but not yet hardened).
3. Let it hardened at room temperature & chill.


  1. Good morning KakRoz...! hru doing today???

    Ah, Love noticed this recipe in KakNoreen's blog sometime ago and added into my fav list! Just didn't do it till now! ahakzzzz!!!

    But now, after looking at urs...think I should do it soon!

    How's Liana??? Take care U alls! :)

  2. e eh cantiknya jelly tu. macam sedap lak. Makan petang-petang, hujan-hujan ni sedap gak ek.

  3. When you said 1 tbsp of jelly, is it agar agar powder?

  4. Hi Love,
    Me & Liana are well, tq. Yes, u shd try soon, very nice.

    Makan jelly anytime pun boley Gerau... tapi kalau mkn waktu hujan2 ni, ketar2 lah sikit badan ni...hehe

    Yes, it is - I've uupdated. Thanks.

  5. Salam madam.Whats the meaning of santan from 1 coconut?I dont understand.Can you please give the answer.thanks and wasalam madam

  6. Anonymous,
    Wsalam. Santan means coconut milk. 450ml from 1 coconut means grate 1 coconut & squeeze it with water to give you 450ml coconut milk. However, that is a long traditional way. The shortcut is use can coconut milk!

  7. hi,
    Is there any way of preventing the red colour from bleeding into the white layer??



  8. Ann,
    If you let the red color set slightly before pouring the white layer, it will not bleed.


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