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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pandan Japanese Cheesecake

Besides Cheese Butter Cake, I also made Pandan Japanese Cheesecake and Pandan buns on Liana's birthday (not for Liana.... hehe)... Two types of cheesecake & you might wonder why... I had a kg of cream cheese in my fridge & trying to clear it before it get expired. I was so busy with the birthday cake decoration and preparing for this cake & the buns at the same time, I ended up making three mistakes.... yes, three mistakes and not one! One, I forgot to add in the cornflour. Two I spoilt one egg white but decided to make do without it. Three, I forgot to buy superfine flour so got to make do with plain flour. .... the result was very surprisingly beautifully spongy & moist cake just like the one I made earlier on...!

For recipe, refer here but this time I added pandan paste.


  1. You jap cheesecake looked good to me.

    Hey, I made apam Eno.
    I've got 2 whites ones with freckles.
    But it never occured with the coloured ones.

    Maybe it's due to me not stirring the white one enough, that's why I've got freckles on them. The coloured one, was stirred more due to incorporating colours were freckles free.

  2. Wow, I like the cake color! Attractive! After 3 mistakes, the result is still awesome! Yummm ;)


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