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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hello from Liana & Mommy

Hello all aunties and friends out there. Thank-you for your wishes and prayers. Although I'm not yet fully recovered from fever (still under observation) but mommy said I'll be alright. Mommy has to go for further check on Monday but I think she'll be alright too. Love you all....hug2...!

By the way, would like to share Liana progress at 1 year:
- She has attained more than 10 vocabs : mama, abah, kakak, angah, bird, auntie, opah, cat, Liana, buah, nyum (eating), broom-broom (car).... and more being picked-up.
- She can run and kick a ball.
- She points a finger to insruct someone what she wants.
- She can answer questions e.g. Have you eaten? Answer: "Dah", Who feed you? Answer: "Kakak/Abah/Mama" accordingly, What's your name? Answer "Liana"... and can also answer few other simple questions.
- She can point correctly for "Hair/Head/Eye/Nose/Mouth/Teeth/Hand & Leg" when asked.

Her regular doctor (child specialist) was very impressed with her yesterday...! I hope she will grow healthy, be smart & a good girl.


  1. Salam along, alahai siannyer tak baik lagi ye along, speedey recovery tuk along ya insyaAllah doa kita semoga tak de apa2 ya, ubat jan lupa makan, missss uuuu!!! hugs kat liana, ni esti dia tak reti diam ni gmbr blurr hihihi...

  2. alahhh dah makin lawa dah anak dara along ni...rambut pun dah lebat dah tu...moga cepat sembuh ya Along...aminnn

  3. Ijayuji,
    Wsalam. TQ Ika... berkat doa Ika, arini kami dua beranak dh sihat sengeh2 dah....heheeee. Mmg tak dok diam, susah betoi nak dpt gambo clear...

    Rambut dh panjang tp tak boleh nk ikat2, mengamuk je dia kalau buat jamboi. TQ doa, along dh sihat....mmmuah!


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