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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ca-Ca Jelly

This is another jelly creation of mine.... I started making jelly since I was in primary school & I still remember how I made jelly from trial & error despite my mum discouraging me messing up her kitchen. As a kid I enjoyed eating jellies & puddings and that's how I started the interest in making them myself (unlike nowadays there was no ready made jellies in the supermarket in the old days). Until now, I still love making jellies but I like to create something new every time - see my previous jelly creations. I promised a friend that I made jelly for lunch at her house and created this since I still have some Ca Ca bits in my pantry. This one tastes just like Bubur Ca Ca except that it is in jelly form.

Anyway, this is a late entry - I've been working until late hours the last few days and too tired to do many postings in one night.

Source: Roz@HomeKreation
1 packet (13g) Agar-Agar / Jelly Powder
1 liter Water
250g Sugar
200ml Coconut Cream
250ml Fresh Milk
1 cup Ca-Ca bits
1 Pandan Leaf
1/4 tsp Salt

1. Boil Ca Ca bits until soften. Strain.

2. Boil jelly powder with water & sugar until dissolved.
Add in coconut cream, milk, pandan leaf & salt.

3. Discard pandan leaf.
Pour into a mould & cool.
Chill until fully set.


  1. salam along...whoa,ni idea bagus ni instead of cendol leh tukar caca, colorful plak tu...sure ramadan nnt ni sy try yg ni :)

  2. WOW, this is looking soooooo good! Been quite some time since I made puddings/ jelly. Hmm..nyum! :D


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