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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hi, I'm Backed with My Hari Raya Goodies

Hello everyone.... It has been such a long break from blogging. I was backed from kampung more than a week ago but been extremely tired and busy after return. Hey, let me give you some Hari Raya treat then. Herewith, what we prepared recently during Hari Raya breakfast for our colleague. All the cakes and dishes were prepared by myself. Almost 70 people turned-up for our two-hour open house during the office hours.

My Hari Raya cookies:

My Hari Raya cakes:
Cheese & Chocolate Layered Cake:
Oreo Layered Cake:
Peppermint Layered Cake:
Kek Pilih Kasih (Sarawak traditional steamed cake):
Dishes served on the day:
Rendang & Lemang:
 Pressed Rice (Nasi Himpit) with Chicken Peanut Sauce: 
Cheesy Tomato Penne:
Roti Canai & Veg Dhal:
Overall it was fun receiving the visits & entertaining  the friends.....


  1. Wow, so much food!!
    And I am really caught with the oreo layer cake!!

  2. rajin nya along masak semua tu, banyak kek lapis lagi....kalau dekat kak rose dah terjah rumah along.

  3. Hi Kak...welcome back! Wish U had a blasting Raya! Where's Lyana??? Wanna see her in Raya outfit! :D

    My goodness, U prepared all that??? Salute la kak! I can only prepare maximum 5 dishes one time...hehehe :D

  4. Wendy,
    You gotta try the oreo layer cake... indeed it is nice as it looks.

    Kak Rose,
    Sekali-sekala raya mmg seronok memasak. Kek Lapis tinggal sikit jer lagi...hehe

    Hi Love... miss you too. Dah biasa masak byk2 ni, so I can plan well eventhough no one helping.


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