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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mee Suah in Ikan Bilis Soup

 My Emak used to cook this when we were small kids and my arwah father loved it so much. We were poor then and cannot afford luxury cooking but my Emak is a great cook. Despite using only Ikan Bilis (which were cheapest compared to meat)  I still remember how delicious that was. Nowadays, you have the benefit of instant cubes like Magee/Knor/etc to add flavour to plain soup but in the old days it really depends on your cooking skill to make it tasteful.
I must admit I can never beat my mum in cooking. So my recipe below is my own version which depends on the modern ingredients to ensure success.... Anyway, received many thumbs up from the family...hehe. This dish was served for breakfast yesterday.

Original Recipe Owner: Roz@HomeKreation
Serves 5-6 persons
1 dozen pieces Mee Suah
5 Shallots*
3 cloves Garlic* (* sliced) 
2" Ginger - bruised
1/2 cup Ikan Bilis
1 Ikan Bilis cube
1/2 pot Water
Salt & Sugar
Garnishes: Spring Onion, Fried Shallots, Chili Oil

1. Heat up few tbsp oil & fry shallot & garlic until golden brown.
Add in ginger, ikan bilis, water, salt & sugar.
Let it boil.

2. Run mee suah under tap water & place into the soup.
Let it boil & tender.
a. Make sure water level is double than the mee suah as it will expand and absorb the water.
b. Do not put too much salt as some mee suah are salty.

3. Serve immediately with garnishes.


  1. Your mee suah looks very good. Sometimes, simple food just needs a simple recipe to make it shine. Too much will cloud it instead.
    Are you using Srwk's Foochow mee suah?
    I heard from my Bintangor friend that it is different from the mee suah over here which are soft and mushy.

  2. Yes, Foochow Mee Suah is very popular here an it is not too sticky. There was one time my Foochow friend came & cook in my house & she brought all the selected ingredients from Sibu. However, I was just trying my luck when I bought it (no brand) & luckily it was really good quality too.

  3. 2nd in the list....nnt pie kedai oriental i kena carik this mee suah also n hopefully can find it.....btw K'Roz how to make the chilli oil? heheheeee....

    p/s: K'Roz...I've put on weight!!!.aduh....sume resipi dlm nie mengancam...dah banyak yg i dah try n makan tak hengat doniaaaa.....:))

  4. Maz,
    See here for Chili Oil recipe:
    or you can also bought the ready made in jar.
    p/s I'm glad you like my recipe but don't blame me on your additional weight...hehehe I put on weight too lately, not becoz of the food but less exercise...LOL.

  5. hehe...naaaaa...not blaming you, instead i should thank you for making up my day...the menu at home is variety nowadyas...:)


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