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Monday, March 7, 2011

Fruit Jelly

I've some grapefruits brought by a friend and tried this jelly which I've been wanting to try since ages ago. The grapefruit is sour so this is one of the ways to sweeten it. My sons enjoyed the jelly so much more than the original fruit.
Can you tell between the two photos above & below which are the real fruit... sure you can....!
I didn't sieve the fruit juice after squeezing it and purposely made my jelly with coarse flesh of the segments so that it looks real and also keeping some fibers for digestion.

Thanks to both Nor & Yani for sharing this brilliant idea.

Source: Nor / Yani_MR
(Translated into English with slight modification)
2 Grapefruits (can replace it with Oranges)
4g Jelly Powder
500ml (200ml Water + 300ml Grapefruit Juice) 
80g Sugar - originally 50g but increased bcoz the fruits are a bit sour 
A pinch Salt - forgot to put in

1. Cut fruit into half & squeeze the juice out.
Remove any remaining flesh and get a clean 1/2 grapefruit/orange skin as a mould.
Measure the juice and water to obtain 500ml.

2. Place the juice & remaining ingredients in a pot.
Cook & stir until boiled.

3. Scoop jelly into the fruit skin & let it set.
Chill & slice.

......nampak macam buah betul tapi sebenar nya jelly....!

2 biji Grapefruits (atau Oren)
4g Serbuk Agar2
500ml (200ml Air + 300ml Jus Grapefruit)
80g Gula - original 50g tp Along tambah sbb buah ni masam sikit
Secubit Garam - terlupa bubuh

1. Buah di belah dua. 
Picit jus & bersihkan kulit nya.
Sukat jus & tambahkan air sehingga 500ml.

2. Campurkan jus & kesemua bahan.
Masak sehingga menggelegak.

3. Sendukkan jus ke dalam kulit buah & biarkan keras.
Sejukkan & di potong2.


  1. To me grapefruits are not sour, they are bitter!
    Tak boleh masuk mulut ler.

  2. wow...seeing this for the first time.....I do have to say you surely have a unique collection of recipes !

  3. Fruit jelly look awesome and delicioous..

  4. can't differentiate the real grapefruit n jelly... kak rose suker sangat grapefruit ni wpun masssammmm! slurrrpp kecur air liur!

  5. ooo mcm tu rupanyer grapefruit, pernah dgr tapi x pernah tgk..sedap tu along..! sejuk je bila jelly tu kat tekak..;)

  6. salam along.. mmg mcm real kan..

  7. wahh along..macam buah kreatif

  8. This Is so interesting. ^^, thks for sharing.

    khim (fm singspore)

  9. Wendy,
    That's why I made them into jelly... taste better.

    Only Fish Recipe,
    This recipe have been tried by many but I have not seen anyone translated into English. That could be the reason why you have not seen it.

    yes, not only good looking but taste good...

    Bila masuk mulut baru tau bukan fruit, nampak real....hehe

    Kak Sam,

    Grapefruit dlm gambar nampak cam oren tapi warna kekuningan & bersaiz besar.

    Ya lah Nor, cam real. Kalau buat hidang kat tetamu sure impressive.

    hehehe... tipah tertipu, mmg nampak real.

    You are welcome :)

  10. eeeee sebijik mcm grapefruit tuh...kreatif la along

  11. Mak Qis,
    hehehe nak grapefruit ke jelly.... pilih2...

  12. yup bitter yg taste better..buat tadi double measurement dgn paket agar 10 gm swallow globe/red.Menantu suka so i kirim utk parents dia juga.Sebelum ni i tengok je buah ni & i ingat to add salt,mb boleh cut down bitterness ;p


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