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Friday, April 29, 2011

First Day in Europe in Paris

 ok, friends here is the story (Paris part only) on my recent holiday trip and also to answer some questions received earlier. Don't be surprise that I actually went alone without my family along.... It was just me and a female friend....hehehe (sounds pelik ke....). My boss keep on reminding me that I deserve a real good break, somewhere away from Malaysia. My hubby been encouraging me to do so too and he said he can take care of the family without me (what a lovely husband and the best in the world). So it was a real break for me from everything in the office and home....

I departed from KL at almost midnight & reached Paris 6am in the morning. It took us quite a while to get a train from Parris des Gaulle airport to Hotel des Arts Bastille near Charonne metro station.It was 15 minutes walk from the station to the hotel but we were looking for it more than an hour before able to locate it. The most memorable part of the hotel is the lift which is the smallest lift I ever ride on (could also be the smallest hotel lift in the world...haha). It can only carry one person at a time even a person as petit as I am.....LOL. I do not have the picture of it because it is in my friend's camera which she has not yet downloaded for me.
Once we settled our luggage in the hotel, the first destination was the famous Eiffel Towel. We went there twice to have both day and night view. A very impressive gigantic lattice iron structure. Along the streets you can find many men selling Paris souvenirs like key chains, magnets, scarfs, t-shirts, etcs.
 The next destination was visiting Sacre Couer which is located at the highest point in the city. The nice thing about this place, you can have Paris city view once you reach the top staircase. Adjacent to it is art galeries with impressionist painters.

We also went to Montmartre not far from Sacre Couer where we had our lunch. It was a huge plate of chicken kebab from an Arabian restaurant. I only managed to eat half of it.
At night, we had pizza for dinner near the Eiffel Tower (photo with my friend). Although it was just a plain tomato & cheese pizza, it was very delicious - the aroma of the bread was really nice.
 Arc de Triomphe (nothing special but just photo taking to show that I've been there)

The most prestige shopping store in Paris is Printemps located in Boulevard Haussmann. I didn't buy many things apart from my blue Lancome eyeliner (that I've been using since the last 25 years and not sold in Malaysia) and perfume for UsusRaz. We didn't have much luxury of time to do proper shopping.

Early in the morning of the next day, we were in a train heading to Brussels. Watch out for the next update.


  1. Seems u guys had a wonderful trip..

  2. vavavavavavaaa..... bestnyerrrr... besan g makan angin sampai ke parisssss... fuhhhhhh... syian liana cayang kene tinggal... tkpe tkpe... nnti kiter honeymoon g paris gak eh...hihihihi

  3. bestnya dapat jenjalan... naik x eiffel tower tu, kena baris panjang kan? g brussels naik TGV ker?

  4. ya ya you are correct, the hotel i stayed in Paris during my last trip also has a very small lift, which only can take 2 persons without luggages, hahaha..

  5. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....terkejut pengsaannn akak tengok...makan angin jauh sungguh...what a special break given...Sonoknyaaaaaaaaaaa...kalau dah pergi mesti nk pergi lagi kan Along...Banyk ke beli souvenir? Mesti ribu riban abis duit tuh..hehehee

  6. Nice vacations. Pergi Paris tu, tentu seronok kan. Lain kali kita pergi sama-sama ya.

    Take care & enjoy the europe trip ;)

  7. giler tu gi eiffel tower tuu..kalo berkesempatan or ada peluang gi paris mmg situ laa tempat 1st nak pegi..insyaallah..

    seronok bace pengalaman along..lagi syok sebab cerita bergambar..mcm ikut along gi melancong sama jer..

    liana x mencari ke malam2 tu along?bestnya hubby bg chance..hikhik

  8. fuhhh... syoknyer gi jalan2.. apasal tak ajak nor sorang.. huhu.. hihi..

    cian liana kena tinggal di mama ya.. kiss sket .. mmmmuah! :)

  9. Priya,
    A wonderful trip indeed.

    hahaha... ok2, nanti mamaRoz sponsor Darwish & Liana honeymoon kat Paris.

    Tak naik pun Eiffel tower tu sbb tak cukup masa tapi gi tengok Paris city kat bukit Sacre Couer. Pergi Brussels naik Thalys train.

    Maybe it is the same hotel that I stayed...

    Bukan selalu dapat peluang camni, baru sekali sumur hidup ni, nasib hubby sporting...hehe. Mmg byk abis duit sbb Euro tu mahal tapi buat2 tak nampak jer lah. Takda shopping sangat pun sbb tak larat nak angkat bag & kaki pulak cengkoi terhencut2.

    Alaaaa sori ler tertinggal shasha, tatau pulak kata nak ikut. Lenkali kita gi sama2 k.

    Sekejap sangat Along kat Paris tu, kalau nak pergi tak leh gopoh2 cam Along. Kena pergi 2-3 hari, pastu rilek2 sambil mkn angin baru best. Ini kita sampal tempang sbb semua nak jln dlm satu hari. Liana ok, macam paham jer, siap kasitau abah dia "mama gi paris bye2 liana & abah". Tapi bila Along sampai balik rumah, dia terus terkam dgn muka yg sungguh terharu.

    hehe... syok tapi penat sesangat sampai skrg pun dok penat terasa. Liana ok, clever girl paham jer.


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