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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ice Cendol

This tasty drink is Malaysian popular sweet dessert and can be served with added kidney beans and steamed glutinuous rice. I made mine in a simplest way from the leftover Cendol after making jelly the other day. This Ice Cendol will cool you off after hot day and emmmmhh what a lovely creamy taste and palm sugar complementing it so perfectly. Oh, look at the above photo of layered Ice Cendol that I created...!

The one below is Ice Cendol already stirred to mix:
Here is a quick way to prepare Ice Cendol:

A bowl Cendol
A bowl Coconut Cream - preferably freshly squeezed
A bowl Ice Cubes
1 cup Evaporated Milk
A jug Fresh Milk
A pinch Salt
1 cup Palm Sugar
Screwpine Leaf

1. Prepare palm sugar syrup.
Add palm sugar to 1 cup water & boil with screwpine leaf until melted.

2. Blend coconut milk, milk, ice cubes & salt to produce shaved ice like.
You need a strong blender to do this to prevent your machine from getting spoilt.

3. Place few tbsp of palm sugar in a glass, topped with Cendol and blended iced.
Ready...! This is what shown in the first photo.

4. Alternatively, place all ingredients in a jug without having to blend the ice as shown in the second photo above.

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