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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Salted Terubuk Fish ( Longtail Shad )

Introducing one of Sarawak specialities - Salted Terubuk. For best result, cut it into big pieces and fry until just cooked so that the flesh inside remains juicy. Alternatively, you can steam it just like cooking any steam fish.

The one I bought today cost me RM16 and weighted about 760g.

See inside the fish, the flesh remains fresh. The process of making Salted Terubuk is not similar to typical salted fish which are sun dried but actually soaked in salted water & kept in fridge to ensure freshness.

This is how the Terubuk market looks like in Miri. At the far right upper row are the Salted Terubuk roes. It is very expensive ranging from RM30-60 per piece depending on size.

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