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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sambal Quinin

Of all fruit condiments, this is my number one favourite. My two sons now started to learn to enjoy this as well.

For those who does not know, Quinin is mango-like fruit but has distinct flavour and smell. In my home state they are called "Buah Machang".

1 Quinin
2 Red Chillies*
5 Chilli Padi* (Bird-eye Chillies)
1 Kasturi lime - optional as some Quinin is sweet and not sour enough
2 tbsp Anchovies* (Ikan Bilis) - washed & drain
1 inch Belacan* (shrimp paste)

1. Peel & chop Quinin.

2. Pound all ingredients marked * until fine.
Add in salt & chopped Quinin flesh.
Salt to taste.

3. Serve with hot white rice along other dishes.

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