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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Charity Bake Sale

On Wednesday 16th October, a group of ladies gathered at my house to bake some cakes and buns to be sold in the following day. The activity is supported by the company by allowing us a day off from office. The profit will be donated to NASOM (National Autism Society of Malaysia).

Here is photo of the hardworking ladies with one of the completed cakes:
The final product..... recipe was posted earlier here.
Meachelle & Liz proudly showing off their first cake of the day. This is their first time experience in making cake and it turned up perfectly.... hehe of course the "Cikgu" (me lah...) feels proud of her sudent...hehehe This is how the final product looks like.... For recipe, refer to my earlier posting here.
The ladies shaping the sweet buns into caterpillar shape.....
The finished products:
We made 60 buns on the day and all packed and ready for sale:
Another product of the day:
At the end we managed to make 9 cakes and 60 buns. A real hard work but the ladies had fun time learning something and most of all feel good that we have contributed something noble. The cakes and buns were all sold out in short period....

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