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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bananas from my Garden

I have four banana trees fruiting - one tree was cut down a couple of months ago and this time my husband cut down two trees at the same time. This type is called "Pisang Abu" and best for banana fritters. He chopped the trees on last Sunday and until today the two bunches of bananas are still resting at my back door (one of them start riping already). We are too busy to send away to relatives & friends. Gheee.... so many for a small family... anyone out there interested...? hehehe.

Teringat lak kat adik2 Azie & Hana. Few days ago they all cakap tingin sangat nak mkn pisang goreng. Hana yg kat Jepun tu hentam jer apa2 pisang yg jumpa nak lepas ngidam. Shian nya... I wish I could share these bananas with both of you.... takpe lah share gambo pun jadi lah ek... the thought that count, kan?

1 comment:

  1. kita nak...kita nak,,,kita nak hehheheheh pisang kt rmh mak kita tak buah pon huhuhuhuhuhu


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