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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Durian Puffs

I still have some Durian pulps in my freezer and somehow Durian Puffs crossed my mind.... So I invented the filling to suit my desire.... The puff pastry is a recipe that I've been keeping since student time about 20 years ago... The combination of the two is perfect and DELICIOUS! My hubby loves it & so do the boys...!

(Makes 26)
50g Butter
125ml Water
65g Flour
pinch of Salt
2 Eggs - slightly beaten
6 big pieces Durian Pulp - remove seeds
1 tbsp Cornflour
¼ cup Coconut Cream
- Boil Coconut cream, cornflour & green color.
- Add in durian pulps & stir until smooth & thick.

1. Place butter & water in a pan & stir over heat until boiled.
Off fire, add in Flour & Salt.
Stir until smooth & cool.
Beat in egg gradually until smooth.

2. Pipe onto greased tray & bake 10 minutes at 250C, then 15 min at 180C.
Make a slit & put filling.


  1. I love durian
    I love puffs
    So I should love your Durian Puffs very much!

  2. mamafami, then you should try this recipe. I guarantee you're going to like it! Make sure you use sweet durian so that no sugar is necessary.


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