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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Yam Cake / Yam Kueh

This is my favaurite Chinese kueh and home-made is the best because you can be generous for the yam filling and garnishes. I made mine in AMC pan instead of steaming which is quicker to cook.

250g Rice Flour*
1 tbsp Tapioca/Corn Flour*
3 cups Water*
½ tsp Salt* (* mixed)
4 tbsp Dry shrimps - chopped
1 Big Onion - chopped
4 cloves Garlic - chopped
8 Dry Black Mushroom - soaked & chopped
About 300g Yam - cubed
Garnishes: Fried Onion, chopped Spring Onion/Celery, sliced Chillies, Fried Shrimps

1. Heat up few tbsp oil & fry dry shrimps & big onion until fragrant.
Dish up. Reserve 1/2 for garnish.

2. Fry garlic with remaining oil until fragrant.
Add in mushroom, yam & little water.
Cover & cook until yam is soft.
Off heat, add in flour mixture & mix well.
Pour into a greased tin & steam for 45 minutes.
Sprinkle garnishes & steam for another 15 minutes.

3. Cool slightly before slicing.
Serve with or without chilli sauce.

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