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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Palm Sugar Jelly

I made it this morning for a friend's Thanks-Giving Gathering (Khenduri Doa Selamat). The invitation was 10 am, so I have to think of something that can be prepared in short time and make do with something available in hand.

1 packet (13g)Jelly powder
150g powder Palm Sugar
100g Sugar
1150ml Water
1 can (140ml) Coconut Cream*
(note: reduce Coconut Cream if you like two layered jelly)
2 Eggs* (*Beat together lightly with fork)
1 Screwpine leaf - knotted

1. Boil jelly powder & water until dissolved.
Add in sugar of both types & screwpine leaf.
Boil until sugar is fully dissolved.
Finally add in egg & Coconut Cream mixture & stir continuously to avoid curdling.
Boil only shortwhile & pour into mould.

2. Cool at room temperature & chill.
Slice, serve & enjoy.

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