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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pau with Assorted Filling

Today I tried pau recipe from Baking Mum. Indeed as she literated, this is a very simple pau recipe which requires only 30 minutes proofing. It turned out to be very light & fluffy...! I filled up the paus with ready made red beans, yam (leftover from the buns the other day) and spicy sardine. All the 21 buns I made were gobbled up by my family in one go. LOL....

By: Roz@HomeKreation
Source: Baking Mum
Recipe retyped & simplified for own reference
(Makes 21 buns)
400g Hongkong Flour
200g Water
70g Sugar
A pinch Salt
10g Double Action Baking Powder
7g Instant Yeast
30 Shortening

1. Place all ingredients, except shortening, in a mixer with dough hook.
Mix well and add in shortening & knead until smooth.
Proof for 30 minutes.
Divide into about 20 balls & rest 5 minutes.

2. Flatten one ball & wrap your preferred filling.
Place each pau on a piece of paper or banana leaf.
Steam with medium high fire for 15 minutes.

SPICY SARDINE FILLING (HomeKreation's recipe) 
Fry pounded garlic & ginger until fragrant. Add in 1/2 big onion (chopped) & 5 tbsp chilli paste. Fry until fragrant. Add in mashed canned sardine (155g tin, sauce discarded), salt & tamarind juice. Stir until dry. Cool before use.

Update @ 11/8/11. Alih bahasa atas permintaan.
Source: Baking Mum
Alih-bahasa oleh HomeKreation
(Bilangan: 21 biji)
400g Tepung Hongkong
200g Air
70g Gula
Secubit Garam
10g Double Action Baking Powder
7g Yis Segera
30 Shortening/Lemak Sayur

1. Dgn menggunakan pengadun doh, adun kesemua bhn, kecuali shortening.
Masukkan shortening & uli sehingga lembut.Perap 30 minit.
Bahagi kpd 20 ketul & rihatkan 5 minit.

2. Leperkan seketul & doh & isi dgn inti pilihan anda.
Letak pau atas sekeping kertas atau daun pisang.
Kukus dgn api kuat selama 15 minit.


  1. Hi HK, lovely paus. I am glad you like the recipe. So far this is the only pau recipe that requires so short a proofing time which I really like.

  2. Rajinnya you buat filling dia. I am a big fan of pau. Must buy pau kat kampung. The one that sell by the road side is always the best. Thanks for this easy recipe. I can try it soon.

  3. Hugbear, thanks for the recipe. Not only it is easier but taste very nice too! Also thanks for dropping by at my blog.

    Zue, yeah true. Pau sold at my kpg use plain flour and a bit heavy but very filling as it is big & solid! The filling is homemade and very malay style like curry, mung bean & coconut. I miss it too!

  4. This version seems to contain alot of DABP.
    In my personal opinion, one should not consume too much of this, as it contains aluminium. Too much aluminium retained in the body over the long run is related to Alzheimers

    In my own opinion, I prefer yeast raised paus, with minimal help from DABP. FYI.

  5. Wendy,
    Thanks for sharing. I didn't know about it. Imagine what we eat nowadays contain a lot of chemicals. You remind me that we shd as much possible use natural ingred in own home preparations.

  6. salam..boleh tak tolong translatekan resepi ni dalam bahasa melayu?

  7. Ain::Za::Ta,
    Wsalam. Permintaan anda sudah di tunaikan. Selamat mencuba.

  8. Terima kasih tunaikan permintaan..:)
    Inshaallah akan dicuba..dan
    satu lagi,kalau tepung hong kong takda,boleh guna tepung gandum?dan bila guna tepung gandum akan ada beza tak?


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