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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tag from Amy & Kak Ina


1. hi, how are ya?
--> ok.

2. hey! you wanna go to mall?
--> what do you have in mind?

3. i love you..
--> Don't be stupid! Let's get on with life & be real...!

4. do you want some cookies??
--> No thanks.

5. can you take me a picture?
--> What for?

6. help me in my homework!
--> I thought you are smarter than me... sorry I owe you nothing now.

7. here's my gift to you..
--> No thanks.

8. let's just be textmates
--> Sorry lah, that is not too nice for me to do. I don't need you anymore in my life. I love my husband very much.

9. do you want me to buy you an ipod??
--> No thanks. I can afford to buy it myself if I want.

10. let's sit together in the bus
--> Eeeeek, sorry I would drive my own Mercedes. Afterall, no reason for me to go out with you anymore!

11. hi baby..
--> Hei, I told you many times, it is over ok! Get on with life man!

12. you still cute..
--> Yes, I know that but I don't want to hear it from you!

13. i still love you..
--> You know why I left you!

14. can i visit your house??
--> Nope!

15. do you love me??
--> I already written you off from my life!

Follow this instruction:
1. named 5 candidates on your list
2. ask them to complete this tag
3. repost on their blog
4. write the title "what if your ex said this to you"

Along nak tag......taraaa:
Katak Ayu
Tapi kalau takut En. hb tak leh terima & perang dunia ke2 meletus, baik jangan buat....

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