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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cheese & Chocolate Layered Cake

These two days have been busy layering cakes and many other things. In the meantime enjoy the photos (not too satisfied that the layers did not turn-up evenly, too rushing...) .

Only managed to update the recipe today 2nd Jan'09. Sorry to keep some of you waiting. I found the recipe in Nomie's blog. I was looking for a very cheesy & chocolaty layered cake but this one tastes rather plain & not so rich but a bit sweet. Anyway, it was quite simple to make with not too many eggs used.

(Makes 9" square)
12 Egg Yolks
6 Egg Whites
360g Castor Sugar
300g HongKong Flour
2 tbsp Ovalette

250g Cream Cheese
4 tbs Condensed Milk
1 tsp Lemon

250g Butter
4 tbs Condensed Milk
150f Chocolate - melted
1 tbs Chocolate Paste

1. Beat all Ingredient A until white & thick.
Beat Ingredient B & C in a separate bowls.
Divide mixture A into two portions.
Add mixture B & C into each portion.

2. Grease & line tin.
Grill a layer of chocolate mixture, alternating with cream cheese mixture until finish.
Start & end with chocolate layer.

1 comment:

  1. Salam Along,

    Thank you for trying the recipe and or course this is not my own recipe:)..The cakes is a bit dry but what i will keep in frozen first, then defrost..baru potong.

    going to bake your chocolate mud layered cake today..hopefully it going to turn well..Thank you so much.


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