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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bollywood Layered Cake

I spent whole day in the kitchen today to make this cake. I'll post the recipe later, so watch out.

Apology for the delay in the recipe. Original recipe is from Rabiah Amit but simplified a bit. Suggest to reduce sugar below to half as it is too sweet. So, here is the recipe:

(Makes 8½" square)
22 Egg Yolks
8 Egg Whites
15oz Castor Sugar
13oz Hong Kong Flour
1 tbs Ovalette
4½oz Cold Water

23oz Butter
5 tbs Condensed Milk

1. Place all Ingredient A in a bowl & beat high speed until white & thick.

2. In a separate bowl, beat ingredient B until white & fluffy.
Add into Ingredient A & mix well.
Divide into 3 portions & color each red, green & original.

3. Grill red portion layer by layer in 9"x9"x1" tin until finish.
Then Grill green portion layer by layer in a separate 9"x9"x1" tin until finish.
Once the cakes are cooled off, cut into ¾" width strip & then slice into triangle shape.
Arrange the green & red strips into pattern like the cake photo above & glue with jam.
Wrap the pattern blocks in plastic paper & freeze to stick them well.

4. Divide the original color batter into two parts.
Grill the first part in a 8½" square tin until finish.
Spread jam on top & arrange the pattern blocks.
Grill the remaining half of the original color batter layer by layer until finish.

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