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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cokodok (Fried Banana Dumpling)

There is nothing fancy about Cokodok as it is a typical Malay kuih and I believe anyone can make this. There is no need for accurate measurement and you can simply add all ingredients to your taste.

Riped Banana - mashed
Self-raising flour
Bic Soda

Add all ingredients with sufficient flour to form dumpling to be deep-fried.
Deep fry until golden in colour.
Makes sure you flip them all the times to ensure even color.


  1. morning,
    ur banana dumplings looks very round,how u did tht?
    n another question is:can u pls tell me whr can i buy black glutinous rice frm? i wish so much to hav coconut milk glutinous rice dessert but i donno whr to get G/rice.thanks

  2. Hi dac,
    I dropped the batter into the oil using my fingers instead of spoon so that I can control the shape. Also the self rasing flour & bic soda help to puff up the dumpling & hence it forms a nice round shape when frying. Make sure you flip it oftenly.
    My black glutinous rice is supplied from West Msia coz me too cannot find it in Miri. The local black glutinous rice sold in Tamu is not suitable for dessert. If you like I can help u to buy when I go vacation in a week time.

  3. thanks a lot...
    u feel glad tht if u could help me buy it.u r really a nice person. thanks a lot,i appreciate u kindness. Pls let me knw how to contact u. thanks a lot.

  4. dac,
    You can leave me your hp no. in my email. When I return from vacation, I will give u a call.

  5. hi,
    thanks a lot. i email u my contact no. to ur gmail.


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