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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ketupat Daun Kelapa (Glutinous Rice in Woven Coconut Leaves)

This is Malay traditional way of cooking glutinous rice in woven young coconut leaves and called "Ketupat". Ketupat are typically served on special occassions and especially on Hari Raya (Idh). They are eaten with savoury dishes like Rendang or curry. I learned how to weave Ketupat cases from my late grandma when I was about 10 years old and fortunately I never forgotten until now. Filled cases are cooked in a lot of coconut milk until the coconut milk is dry & the rice inside should be cooked by then. INGREDIENTS:
20 Ketupat cases
10 cups (160ml) Glutinous Rice - soaked for 1-2 hours & drained
600g freshly grated Coconut - add some water & squeeze milk
2 tbsp Salt
1 Pandan (Screwpine) Leaf

1. Fill ketupat cases with glutinous rice.
Leave a thumb pinch of empty space at one corner to allow the rice expand.
Too tight will cause the ketupat uncooked and too loose will cause it too soft.
Ensure that both ends of ketupat are slit through & knotted to prevent it from opening during cooking.

2. Place all the filled ketupat in a big botom pot & cover with coconut milk sufficiently (see above photo).
Add in salt & screwpine leaf.
Boil until coconut milk is completely dry and oil surfaced out.
During the cooking process, flip the ketupat frequently to ensure even cooking.

3. Serve with your favourite Rendang or curry.

4. The Ketupat can keep for 2 days if properly cooked.


  1. cantiknya sarung ketupat..ingatkan along beli rupanya wat sendiri..wahhhh.....

  2. hi there. it's wonderful to see ketupat still being hand made and not bought! and i was wondering if you are in australia?

  3. Hi Olympia,
    I'm in Sarawak, Malaysia. I just love to make my own ketupat as it tastes far better than the ones purchased and furthermore I love the ketupat aroma filling up the house when being cooked.


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