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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Marble Shortbread

Make this to give my friend MK who will be celebrating Chinese New Year soon. Recipe taken from Cik Mat Gebu's house. If you want to see his version, it is here. Easy to make provided you have the cutter below:

(Makes 12" x 12" tin i.e. 100 pieces)
300g Plain Flour
125g Castor Sugar
80g Ground Almond
(I used whole hazelnut which I grounded finely)
250g Butter
110g Milk Powder

350g Chocolate
- melted
1 tsp Shortening - added to melted chocolate
100g White Chocolate (original recipe 200g is too much)- double-boiled to melt

1. Beat butter & sugar until sugar is dissolved
(this method is not in the original recipe).
Add in the rest of ingredients & mix to form crumbs.
Press into a lined/greased tin (I used aluminium foil) ntil packed.
Pricks surface with fork.
Press the cutter & bake 180C for 15-20 minutes.
Leave for 10 minutes before removing the cutter & cool completely.

2. Spread with melted chocolate.
Sprinle white chocolate & make pattern using sate stick.
Replace the cutter & chill for 20 minutes or until chocolate is set.
Keep in air tight container.


  1. along..k.ct suka lah tgk marble ni cantik jer along sayang nk makan hehehe tapi kan bila lah k.ct dapat buat oven tu tersgt ler comel x leh nak masuk tau..geramnyaaa...

  2. Assalamualaikum,

    Boleh saya tumpang tnaya dimana boleh saya medapatkan loyang seperti ini?
    Terima kaseh ya.

  3. CT Delima,
    Oven kecik, wat ler separuh bancuhan dapat 50 keping - kalau rajin leh bakar 2 kali. Takde cutter, potong dgn pisau pun ok.

    Loyang tu Along beli kat Kuching. Along nampak tempat lain pun ada jual kat kedai alat2 baking.

  4. Roz, canggih sungguh cutter tu. hehe. Eh how did you make the swirl design on top tu?

  5. Farina,
    After spreading the chocolate, drizzle white chocolate on top. Then use sate stick to swirl around to form marble. It is very simple & fun. Wanna try?

  6. Along,
    Saya dari Singapura. Kat sini tak pulak nampak jual loyang ni. Berapa harga loyang tu kat sana? Terima kaseh ya Along.

  7. Halimah,

    Along punya gift from sis-in-law, tapi rasanya >RM35. Along nampak kat semenanjung harga nya lebih mahal, RM48. Cuba halimah cari kat baking shop.

  8. Terima kasih ya Along. Saya ada jugak ke johor sesekali tapi tak tahu pulak kat mana ada baking shop di johor tu. Terima kasih banyak ya Along.

  9. Roz, task sure lagi nak buat or not but i like the design tu and always wondered how people do it. hehe.

  10. hi kak....

    boleh tanya... chocolate untuk topping tu... chocolate aper?
    terima kasih

    ~ ana

  11. Ana,
    Cooking chocolate yg jual kat barang2 baking tu.

  12. hi,
    may i ask, i tried this recipe, everything went perfectly, except the last part, where i could not yet the biscuit out of the mould cutter. do you have any advice?

    thank you,


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