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Monday, April 13, 2009

Smoked Fish Cooked in Sambal

It is now a season of Marine Catfish (Ikan Duri) in my hubby's village and my MIL made a lot of smoked fish. She sent several to us which we distributed amongst relatives in Miri. This smoked fish called "Ikan Jan Salai" is very popular amongst the Melanau from the area who eat it with Sago. As for me, I have less appetite to eat it as such snack but have created several types of dishes and also tart/quiche out of it. I enjoyed the aroma and the thick flesh which taste like smoked tuna to me.

The above dish is one way I enjoy cooking/eating this. Apart from that, you can also cook curry, Asam Pedas, Masak Lemak, Kerabu, etcs with this smoked fish. I can tell you that it taste a lot more delicious than fresh fish...!

Wanna recipe also? ok, here it is... very simple:

Smoked Fish
- chopped
1 Big Onion
- sliced
2 cloves Garlic
- sliced
1 tbsp Chili Paste
2 tbsp Chili Sauce
Salt & Sugar

Heat up some oil & fry sliced ingredients until soft.
Add in chili paste & fry until fragrant.
Add in the rest & stir well.

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