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Monday, May 25, 2009

Spicy Chicken Soup

This time I used my new multi-cooker for chicken soup. Must say that the taste is a lot better than cooked in the conventional pot. The chicken, potatoes & carrots turned-up more tender and tasty.... I love this cooker now....hehehe! Sorry friends, we finished up this big pot of chicken soup and no spare for anyone....hehehe. Alamak forgot to snap Kicap + Cili Padi sauce which will make you fly like a rocket....! Heeeee....

Some Chicken pieces
2 Potatoes - diced
1 Carrot - diced
3 Shallots*
2 cloves Garlic*
1" Ginger*
1 tbsp Pepper Corns*
1 tbsp Fennels*
1 tbsp Soup Spice Powder*
Mixed Spices
Water sufficiently
Salt & MSG
Spring Onion & Celery - chopped
Fried Shallots

1. Heat up few tbsp oil & fry mixed spices and the blended ingredients.
Stir fry until fragrant & add water sufficiently.
Add in chicken, potatoes, carrot, salt & MSG.
Boil until chicken & vegetables are tender.

2. Sprinkle spring onion, celery & fried shallots when served.
Nice to go with white rice.

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  1. Mmm yummy..your spicy chicken soup looks so tempting...


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