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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Grilled Brinjal Salad

This is a result from irresistible seduction by Nor T'Ganu. Today right after office hours, I drove to E-Mart which is about 4km from home just to look for brinjals. I have to skip mint leaves which I never saw in Miri markets in my 20-year-life here. I imagine that it will taste much better with mint or coriander leaves. Anyway, this is enough to satisfy my craving. Indeed very delicious and mouth watering dish! Maceh ya Nor... tak lah Along kempunan lagi dah... hehe.

Grilled Brinjal before garnishes:
Here is the simple recipe (modified with what I have in hand) :

2 Brinjals
- cut & sliced lengthwise
2 spoon Dried Shrimps
- fried
1/2 Big Onions
- chopped
1/2 tomato
- chopped
1 Red Chili*
1 Green Chili*
Few Chili Padi*
2 Kasturi Lime
- extract juice
3 tbsp Fish Sauce
Some Mint Leaves
- skipped
1 tbsp Sugar

1. Grill brinjals until brown/cooked.
Arrange brinjals in a plate.

2. Mix the rest of ingredients & pour on top of the brinjals.
Sprinkle fried shrimps & serve with rice.


  1. hehehehee.. dah ilang kempunan ya.. sib baik memenuhi selera, kalau tak tak berbaloi g market just nak cari terung.. tp kalau dpt letak daun ketumbar lg umphh! tq along sudi try resipi simple nih.. muaaaaaaaah!

  2. Wah bile dah grilled mcm tue nampak best jugak...


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