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Monday, August 24, 2009

Stuffed Bean Curds

Anyone can make Stuffed Bean Curds. It is as easy as 123... and yet very delicious...

3 Bean Curds
- cut to half & triangle shapes
(*sliced matches shape)
Bean Sprout
1 tbsp Dried Prawns
- chopped
2 cloves Garlic
- chopped
1 tbsp Oyster sauce

1. Deep fry bean curds until crispy on the outer side.

2. Heat up 1 tbsp oil, fry chopped dried prawns & garlic until fragrant.
Add in oyster sauce & carrots & stir for a while.
Off fire & add in cucumber & bean sprout, mix well.

3. Cut a slit across the bean curds & stuff with the mix veg.
Just before serving, pour chili sauce into the slit.
Nice to eat by itself or served as dishes with rice.


  1. Salam Ramadhan Roz. Sorry lah lama tak menjengok. malas tak habis2. lol.

    sedapnya tengok tahu sumbat tu. nampak basah dgn sos dia.

  2. Salam along!!!! mencinyer lah tak nmpk cbox kat tepi tuu..along sihat? kita sihat!! :D eeeeee..tauhu sumbat mg kita suke!! pas tu chili crab tu pun suke!!! sume suke!!! :D selamat bersahur ya along!!


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