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Friday, September 11, 2009

Baking Day

First thing in the morning I went out to buy cake ingredients & started my baking project at almost 10am. I ended up with four cakes of three varieties which were all completed at about 4pm.

Two cakes for my mum and one for my friend's mum. My friend, Yani is going back to Kedah for Hari Raya so thought will be nice to send something to her kind mum who gave me some Ketupat & Acar Buah last time. I was so touched the fact that the Ketupat was made for me as consolation when I was a bit depressed when AlongRiz left home for college (but I'm ok now..... I think most mothers understand that feeling if you have experienced it). Despite the family was on compassionate moment (Yani's brother) they still care for my feeling which is nothing compared to theirs at that time. Thanks so much Yani & Makcik and I hope my ugly cake does not disappoint you.

Steamed Fruit Cake and Prune Layered Cake are for my mum whilst Yani chose Scale Layered Cake for her mum. See next postings on close up look of the cakes.

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