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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Gift from Holand for Liana

Read what it says on the t-shirt & you understand why I like it so much...hehehe it may also means the opposite but I'll take it as compliment (dah tua pun perasan). I've received the t-shirt from YG a couple of months ago and waited for Liana to grow slightly bigger. Although it supposed to be Dutch baby size, it fits well with Liana. Thanks Kakak YG from Baby Liana... mmmmuah kiss from baby (get ready with a tissue hehehe!)

See Liana above get excited with her very first pair of jeans to match the t-shirt. At the time of the photo was taken, she was a week before 4 months and can sit up by herself.... (second photo)! We were getting ready to leave Miri and catching flight to KLIA.

1 comment:

  1. Alala comey sangat Liana nie..dah boleh duduk sendiri ek... baju tue sgt cute la Along. Hehehe... mak nye cantik patut anaknya sgt comell :)


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