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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Posto for Liana

Today I received a parcel from one of my blog fans, Mira. It is a surprise gifts for baby Liana. A lovely card, two t-shirts and a skirt. Although the t-shirts are labelled for 12 months old, theyt fit well with Liana. Liana's photos above specially dedicated for Kakak Mira (I laughed seeing my little girl wearing a skirt.... so cute!), thanks so much for your kind thoughts and many hugs & kisses from both of us to you Mira... mmmmmuah!


  1. im glad u like it,along.. =)

  2. Yes, they are very lovely but of all your thoughts that count most. Many thanks again....AlongRoz

  3. salam along..seronoknya tgk liana kecik sama ek nama nak akak liyana..tulah bestnya baby girl ni..mcm-mcm feshyen gaun boleh pakai..

    akak minta izin nak ambil resepi biskut dahlia ye..c & p aje tau..terima kasih..

    kamu yang muda patut bagi akak duit rayer pasal kamu kerja..akak tak ada sumber pendapatanlah..


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