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Friday, September 11, 2009

Prune Layered Cake

This is only for viewing... hahaha it is for my mum so you have no chance to taste it even if you come over to my house in Miri. I made three types of cakes today and none is mine. So enjoy viewing or you can make it your self....hehehe.

This cake has pandan layers in the middle and prunes stuffed with cashew nuts. A very rich taste and you understand what I mean if you look at the recipe.

(Makes 9" square)
16oz Butter
190g Caster Sugar
10 Eggs
250g Condensed Milk
1 packet (about 150ml) Coconut Cream
8oz Kaya
200g Horlicks
270g Hong Kong Flour
2 tbsp Pandan Paste
1 tub Pitted Prunes
Cashew Nuts
- stuff into prunes

1. Cream butter & sugar until fluffy.
Add in eggs, one at each time while beating.
Add in the rest of ingredients in the above order.

2. Divide batter into 3 parts.
Add Pandan paste to one portion.

3. Grill plain portion, layer by layer until finish.
Grill one layer of pandan portion & arrange stuffed prunes.
Keep on layering pandan portion & prunes until finish.
Grill the second plain portion,
layer by layer until finish.
Bake at 180C for the last layer.


  1. Hi HomeKreation.. may I know how many grams is 1 packet of coconut cream and the cashew nuts has to be toast first right?? tks!

  2. Asalammualaikum,Selamat berpuasa and Selamat Hari Raya to you,Roz and your family.Thanks for sharing your wonderful recipes in your blog.

    I am a Malaysian from Philippines. I discovered your blog by accident a few weeks back and from that day on I enjoy surfing your blog everyday for the recipes.

    You make me very happy especially today, when I opened your blog and discover the recipes of 'Prune layered Cake.' I was dissapointed yesterday when I saw your beautiful & delicious baked cake yesterday but without the recipe for this prune layered cake. I want to thank you, I am very grateful that you are willing to share. I know this cake is very delicious because Sarawak layered cakes is one of my favourite. I am hoping that sooner you would be able to print the 'Oreo layered cake' too.

    You must have known that a lot us were trying to find the recipe of Sarawak Sri Kaya steam Cake and you did surely help many of us by sharing it on-line. I saw the picture of that cake in one of the blog from HongKong (the recipe was given to her from another blog from Singapore). I ve also checked the blog from Singapore dissapointedly she only put the photos but without giving any recipes. Another very nice Asian lady in her blog from US called this cake a 'Secret cake' and shares her recipes with others but i am still not satistied. Then, someone wrote that we can get the recipes in your blog. Maybe I've missed it earlier, but I was so happy, there I saw it in your blog. Thanks again Roz.

    I am very happy that still there are someone unselfish like you who is willing to share her recipes, thoughts and experiences with others. Keep doing the good work. Your blog is very well organgize and attractive. Thank you again, I ENJOY ALMOST ALL OF YOUR RECIPES INCLUDING Gulai PUCUK UBI KAYU.

    Syed Mahzir (Baliuag, Philippines)

  3. Rima,
    I packet is about 150ml. No need to toast the cashew nuts but if you prefer you can do so.

    Syed Mahzir,
    Waalaikummussalam. Selamat Hari Raya to you & family too. I'm glad that I could be of help and very happy to receive feedback that people find it useful. Thank-you for the nice words.

  4. Thank you Roz! will try it soon.. oh yes fyi I've baked ur layer chocolate mud cake a few months ago.. was delish! will definately bake it again for Eid.. tks again!

  5. I've baked it and oh my godness... its delish and we love it!! ty again Roz!

  6. Rima,

    You are welcome. I'm glad that you & family like it.

  7. Selamat Hari Raya to you and family Roz! Dah 2nd day baru i muncul. Sorry ye. lol.

    Oh, what did you mean when you said 'grill'? How do i grill them Roz? Sorry ye but memang i tak faham.

  8. Farina,
    Selamat Hari Raya to you too. The same grill function which is used to grill meat & poultries - most oven has it. The idea is to brown the surface so that each layer will be distinguished. Hope it helps.

  9. hi 16oz is appz how many grams?? planning to make this raya...


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