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Friday, October 30, 2009

Curry Noodles @ Mee Kari

Actually I made this two days ago but was too busy & tired to update the blog. I've been busy lately preparing for friends' party which to be held this evening.

The recipe is from my aunt (Mak Yong) which I learned during recent Hari Raya visit in my hometown. Whole family enjoyed it very much! In meantime, enjoyed the photos first. Will update later when I've got more free time, got to chow now...
 Here is the recipe, sorry for late update:

(Serves 6 persons)
5-6 Shallots*
4 cloves Garlic*
1/2" Ginger* (* pounded)
Rempah Tumis
2 tbsp Chili Paste
2 tbsp Curry Powder + some water (Along guna cap Babas)
2 Chicken Thigh - chopped
1/2 pot Coconut Milk
1/2 can Evaporated Milk
1 Magge Chicken Cube
Assorted Fish Cakes & Fish/Seafood Balls
1 Beancurd
1 kg Fresh Yellow Noodles**
Mustard Leaves**
Bean Sprouts** (** blanched)

1. Heat some oil & fry pounded ingredients & Rempah Tumis until fragrant.
Add in chili paste & stir for a while until fragrant.
Add in curry powder paste & stir until oil surfaced.
Add in chicken & stir until well mixed.
Add in coconut/evaporated milk & chicken cube and stir until boiling.
Add in the assorted fish/seafood cake/balls and bean curd.
Salt & MSG to taste.

2. Serve noodles with curry gravy, topped with blanched vegetables, fried onions, lime & sliced chilies.... Enjoy!


  1. Along!!! terliurnye tgk mee kari along nie... adusss... sabar je laa...

  2. OMG, I want some!!! looks soooo delicious! ;)

  3. salam..Roz..nanti letak resipinya ye..nampak sedap..selalu za buat tak merah dan pekat kuahnya...pakai serbuk kari apa ye??

  4. yess...kite dah berjaya makan mee kari ari nie.hehhe

  5. Hi...
    Ur Mee kari looks awesome!! Nak try resepini asap. Tapi what is 1/2 " pot" coconut milk in ml or cups measurement?
    Hope u can advise.

    Susanna, Perth

  6. Susanna,
    For the gravy, you can adjust to the amount required which I suggested half pot so that it is easier to handle instead of full pot. Recipe above is for 6 persons, so you can agak2 lah kan.

  7. Ok!Thks for the info..will be trying this mee kari this weekend! Hopefully i can replicate something similar to your mee kari.I luv the reddish colour of ur kari...and like somebody else oredi commented..." terliurnya tgk mee kari along..!" :))



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